Podcast Projects

Ideas at Work

Ideas at Work

Here are the links for the podcast projects from the Tuesday and Wednesday classes.  Please feel free to post your comments, and enjoy!

Tom McGroty’s Podcast Project 

Matt Tucci’s Podcast Project 

Carlton Harris’s Podcast Project

Megan Leung’s Podcast Project  

Maryam Awad’s Podcast Project

Andy Quesada’s Podcast Project

Teresa Ricioppo’s Podcast Project

Jermaine Coore’s Podcast Project 

Gopi Oza’s Podcast Project 

Megan Cull’s Podcast Project

Kyle Griff and Krunal Shah’s Podcast Project

Ryan Dalton’s Podcast Project

Talia Tucker and Veronica Cohen’s Podcast Project 

Rosemary Garganta’s Podcast Project 

Fabienne Ng’s Podcast Project 

Hyung Jin Kim’s Podcast Project

Jen Park and Jessica Aurelia’s Podcast Project

Jonathan Mitchell’s Podcast Project  

Gabriela Monje’s Podcast Project

Anna Bosted’s Podcast Project

Hammad Patel’s Podcast Project 

Caleb Rechten and Eddie Zaneski’s Podcast Project

Melissa Jones’ Podcast Project

Jennah Quinn’s Podcast Project

John Sarcone’s Podcast Project

Melissa Peck’s Podcast Project

Maha Yacout’s Podcast Project 

Sandra Wacker’s Podcast Project 

Gabrielle LaSpina’s Podcast Project 

Megan Leung’s Podcast Project 


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