Apps Are Ruining Our Lives

Five years ago I bought my first smart phone. Within the next five years I decided I needed, then subsequently acquired a new laptop, Android and iPad. All of these devices now basically run my life. There are apps for everything now. On just my personal devices I have apps for Netflix, Hbo, foursquare, horoscopes, translators, trip planning, music editing and even a virtual piano. 

Jenna Marbles, who most people are familiar with, says it the best in this video:

She describes all these useless apps that she can’t live without now that she has them. She, like me and most others, realize that our addiction to apps is unhealthy but we still can’t stop. After watching this video, I literally won’t to my iPad and downloaded some of the apps she was talking about.

Additionally, my best friend wrote a satirical blog post on the use of apps. He talks about how there are apps for everything so he made up his own app names based on ones that already exist.

So my point is to show that this addiction to apps might be comparable to alcohol or drug addiction. But most people fail to see that young people have real alcohol addictions because they embrace the fact that partying at that age is the norm. I think that same thinking is applied to all of these technologies and people fail to see it as an issue.