Video Games as “Interactive Art”

This is an article on the videogame Journey, created by a small company called “thatgamecompany.” I’ve never played it myself (I don’t have a PS3) but I have watched a playthrough of it. It is beautiful, relaxing, and very different from mainstream videogames. I’ve heard many people talk about how Journey has helped them in some way (some even say it has given them “epiphanies”). Personally, the game was too short for me (as most indie games are), but I do think it proves that even videogames can be a form of art, and is therefore important in the “evolution” of videogames as more than just a means of entertainment. Their other games, Flow and Flower, and games done by other companies such as Limbo, Datura, and SoundShapes have experimented with the idea of making a game as an art form. I thought of this game during our discussion on what art is, so I thought I’d post this article.