On Diigo i just viewed some of the videos and pictures surrounding bullying incidents that occur in elementary, middle, and high schools. Its sickening how kids treat one another. It almost seems like their goal is to break down someone else’s self-esteem to cover their own insecurities. Its unbelievable some of the horror stories some students live to tell, while others have taken their own lives because of the pressure.

In middle school i was one of those bullied. Looking at the situation from a grown perspective, i’ve come to the conclusion that the reasoning behind me being bullied was jealousy. The few girls who bullied me were ugly on the inside and out. They all wore weave and when they exposed their real hair i didn’t reach past their ears…aka they were just some bald-headed birds. Me on the other hand, had long pretty golden brown hair with golden green eyes to match. I think they secretly envied my appearance and wished they looked like me.

Now that sounds extremely conceited, but i am far from that. In middle school who was really worried about their appearance and how they looked? I was more focused on school. I was the quiet girl who never said much, i just smiled all the time. Now that we’re reminiscing, i didn’t even have friends. I had my brother and my cousin who were just a year older than me.

My situation of being bullied never was brutal where it involved any physical altercations. It just entailed verbal abuse from some bald-headed birds chirping. Its sad that now-a-days kids have become meaner and now result to violence, possibly as a result of playing too many video games. bullying_stops_here1



This is something i’ve been working on for a few days now. One day last week the sky’s pattern and arrangement of clouds was astonishing. I sat for about an hour watching the million formations the clouds made as they moved about the sky. This is what I came up with:

Clouded purple waves streaming down from the sky. Wrapped up in a paradise you flaunt but your sun shines. Shines right through like a star seen through clouds. Fluffy a velvet rose. Touch so soft aurora so sweet. Like a plane guided only once until our lips meet. Cotton ball clouds tinted my baby blue. Dark clouds hover, the suffocation thas falling over you. Looked up to the sky and realized with real eyes I see right through your real lies. Clouded my vision was, all because it wasn’t what I thought it was. So now I sit here and try and grasp this feeling I thought was love. How clouded my vision was. Blinded by clouded purple waves I got lost in your sea. Wiped my eyes dry from the waves that streamed down my cheek.

Clouded sea, often I wonder why there’s a dark cloud always shadowed over me. Clouded sea, misted sky, wonder if you’re a blessing or something hidden in disguise. Ever so often the sun beams through, that’s when I get a glimpse of light. This light I think is you. Shine bright through the darkness, mounted through the clouds I see. Then again there’s the lingering dark cloud like a storm ready to hit, still here above me and I don’t think its gonna miss. As my world darkens all I could think about was you, all clouded up no more of my baby blue.

Clouded sea, even sometimes the moon pokes through. Midnight skies turned gloomed once was my baby blue. Sky so dimmed and royally tinted purple. Waves does the sky and for once blurred out what turned my heart this cold purple. Black skies came in and stole me, a thief in disguise. Left with nothing but a chance to compromise so, pretty clouded sea first bruised now battered. Falling down from the sky like a cloud that had been shattered.

It’s still not finished. I’m just waiting for more inspiration from the amazing clouds, then I shall break out my pen and let my words fly.

Social Media in a Time of Crisis

Social media websites such as Twitter and Instagram are not solely for socially interacting with your friends and others around the world, but they are also useful resources for news. By following twitter accounts such as CNNnews and ABCnews, you can recieve live updates of what is happening around the world on your twitter feed. Maybe not so much Instagram but we can follow celebraties and see what it is that they’re up to…as if we really care that much. 

A few years ago i read an article about a radio news-broadcaster who went live on the air during Hurricane Katrina and lead people to safely. Through his radio broadcast he was able to receive phone calls from callers whom were trapped on their roofs and looking for safety. He was able to distribute information during the time of crisis that would lead thousands to safety as well as rescuers to thousands. 

Social Media does have its ups and downs, it’s good and bad moments where it can be more useful than just entertaining. 

Technology’s Impact on Children



Day to day we often don’t realize the impact technology has on children. Our children are exposed to violence through technology whether it is a video game, a movie, or simply commercials between television shows. Children exposed to media violence are proven to demonstrate violent ways of aggression in their adolescence. An article titled “Do Violent Video Games Lead Kids to be Violent in the Real World,” Amy Graff explored the reasoning behind the Newtown Connecticut shooting being that the 20-year-old shooter was obsessed with bloody violent video games such as Call of Duty 2.

Have you guys ever played these games, or even watched someone who was playing them? With technology improving so rapidly, these video games look almost real. These games also give children essentially the green light to shoot and kill on screen, giving them ideas of killing off the screen.

My 2-year-old nephew cannot even play video games yet but her knows how to make guns out of Legos. He also runs around the house pointing the Lego gun at us, making shooting sounds. Of course he’s too young to really understand the meaning of his actions, but we need to break him out that imitation phase.

Long story short, children imitate violence that they are exposed to which can possible lead them to violent actions in real life.


purple clouds

Ever notice how much the sun glows when it’s setting? I’m staring out the window at the beautiful sunset here on Livingston Campus. The purple and blue clouds intertwine and divide against the gray ones. They make the sky look swirled as the sun shines through them all. Ever wonder how far away the clouds are? Sometimes they look so close, as if you could simply reach up to the sky and pull them even closer. Ever wonder how the clouds would feel if you could hold them in your hands? Would they dissolve through our palms splashing water everywhere? Or are they fluffy and made of cotton like the pictures we used to make in elementary school, using cotton balls as clouds?  Ever wonder what it would be like to jump from cloud to cloud? I always wanted to do it. Just to see how far I could go. Would I have the strength to bounce from here to there, then to over there and back? Or would I bounce and fall, without ever having the chance to bounce back?



Tatting one’s body with art is beautiful, in most cases. A lot of people have controversal opinions when it comes to the topic of having tattoos, especially as a female. My name is Jennah, and I’m not addicted but I love tattoos. There’s something about the pain in getting one that i enjoy. Its like having surgery, revealing a beautiful scar. The first step to overcoming this “phase” is admitting and surrendering to the fact that I love tattoos; i have four in total but have plans for getting many more. My first tattoo is a purple rose on the left side of my neck behind my ear, it symbolizes eternal beauty in Arabic…purple is just my favorite color and represents loyalty and royalty. I have Arabic writing on my right shoulder that says “No creator save Allah, Mohammad is an apostle of Allah.” I have a multicolored peacock feather down my spine, which in fact was the most painful but blissful. My last one is a giant colorful koi fish on my right hip that i cannot wait to add on to.


I always feel as though i am being frowned upon because i am Muslim, and am not supposed to alter my body in any way, shape, or form. So here I was at 16-years-old facing an ethical decision of whether or not to get a tattoo. I wanted one so bad and would be the first of my friends to get one. I decided finally on getting one because it is the way i’m choosing to express myself. Each one of my tattoos has great meaning and intangible value to me. I wouldn’t change a thing about them.

However… my parents feel differently. They don’t want me to get any more….ever. But I just figured I’m grown, right? I’m old enough to make my own decisions, and still to this day i have zero regrets.

So Far but So Close

Touching back on alcoholism becoming such a prevalent factor in our teenage lives. We may not notice it until we have submersed ourselves in the culture of being a college student and wasting our livers away one shot at a time.

So far away but so close to the edge.

Some of us jump over, falling for the mechanism of Bacardi calling our names, Jack wanting to climb into bed, while beer batters our bellies.

The generation we live in is corrupted in my eyes, and only seems to be getting worse as time goes on. Babies are having babies, kids are beginning their attack and abuse on substances at an earlier age than ever before, 12-year-olds are getting tattoos, and teenagers are murdering. This generation itself seems to be self destructing, not even only through alcoholism itself.

We are so far away from what is the right thing to be doing, what is the right thing to be focusing on, what is the right thing to be learning. Yet we are so close to fitting in with the stupidity that grasps our generation in its kung-fu grip.


We have young men looking up to rappers, publicizing selling dope, carrying guns, and rapping about murdering. EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A DOPE-BOY! Sex, Drugs, and Money is what our generation strives for.

Young women looking up to SLORES with money getting paid to fuck for a quick buck. Young females obsessing over being a “bad bitch” portraying themselves as sex symbols where big boobs and fat asses is what they think a “bad bitch” is. In reality, undermining females wanting to be bad bitches for lack of a better term: a bad female is an educated woman whose graduated high school and college, and has her own and is capable of taking care of herself. But we’re in the generation striving for Sex, Money, and Materialistic things without substance.

So we are so far away from being what is right, and so close to being whats wrong.