Google Responsible for Increase in General Knowledge

just-google-itThanks to technology, I think its fair to say that our generation has it easier than those before us. It is no longer necessary to go to the library to gain access to a large collection of books and literature texts. Because of search engines like Google, extensive studying can be done at the comfort of your own home. In prior situations an ideal student would have to go to the library to have the tools or text needed to carry out numerous student task such as essays, term papers, assigned readings and other book oriented assignments. With the emergence of Google, the only thing you really need to carry out these task is a laptop with connection to the internet.

With this easy access to an unlimited amount of information, we have the ability to find out the answer to any question in a matter of seconds. Google plays a large part in this, considering the fact that Google is the primary search engine used to get answers. To someone who isn’t use to Google, they might see it as a crutch to help support this generation’s intelligence, but to someone who fully understands how Google works and uses it to its full potential, their view on the website isn’t a crutch but more of a way to increase the brains metabolism processing new information. I would conclude that our generation isn’t dependent on Google but in fact our generation is constantly growing in knowledge because of Google.