Cameras, internet and scandals

it is no secret that in today’s society, thanks to youtube, vimeo , facebook and keek, our most intimate moments can now be broadcasted to the world. I can’t get over how much I love watching the Youtube videos of def people experiencing the results of their auditory surgeries; the look in their face as they experience the sound of their loved ones’ voices for the first time.

as beautiful as moments like these are to share, there is also the not-so-gracious acts which unfortunately not only happen, but are displayed for the whole world to see. 
just look at more recent news;Manti teo catfished, football players post their “deeds” on facebook and Mike Rice’s behavior is exposed to the world outside Rutgers.
whereas just a few years ago, any scandal of this kind would have remained in-house, it is now blatantly obvious that no matter where or who you are, you can never wipe your past from a scandal, especially one encrypted on the internet for eternity.
whereas Manti teo’s “mishap” may have been an innocent occurrence, the Steubenville “boys” acts” were malicious and shows “areas of opportunity” in society , especially regarding our youth. Mike Rice. Oh geez.As soon As that name was read an opinion was formed; but regardless of what you think of his behavior this newest scandal in Rutgers history is a perfect example of what happens when something that was never supposed to be seen by outsiders is exposed and with it exposes those who did not expose it. 
Let us take a second to entertain these stories a bit further.
For some reason Manti’s gullibility made me feel somewhat  sympathetic for this stranger,  a professional football player, who probably could have any woman he wanted, falls in love with an inexistent entity over the internet. He is not the first nor the last person to be hoaxed in this way though; humans will always find a way to get negative uses out of everything, the internet is no exception.
about Mike rice?just type “Rutgers” on your favorite search engine. that is all.
the Steubenville high school football players. seriously wtf is wrong with society? first, where are these kids parents? If there is a handful of people around them at a party and they clearly see the drunken girl being fondled, it would be expected that at least one would step up to stop the madness. regardless of the athletes’ “football god” status, there has to be some sense of morality and humanity in SOMEONE , somewhere…but somehow, a child was still raped, and children still proceeded to blast it to their closest 500 friends and family over the internet.
excuse me while i take this toke and forward a selfie to the cops. 
if you are going to commit a crime as serious as rape, why in the world would you  air it for the whole world to see? it’s not okay to rape or take advantage of anyone, under any circumstance or scenario on god’s green earth. to then one, ridicule this child who did not realize she had even been abused until the next day; two, show how fucked up your sense of morality is and three, humiliate your entire family tree and show how shitty of a job they did at trying to instill any sense of righteousness in you is just absurd and inexcusable. 
none of the involved will ever live down this night. The victim’s trauma can only be compared to those of other rape victims, though hopefully she will be able to recover, the pain of abuse never fully leaves a soul. As for the boys, forget the fact they will never fulfill their promising future as football professionals; the label of sex offenders will be tattooed on them  for the rest of the time they spend above ground, and even after. 

Thoughts on my final project


Scared is not even the word to describe how I felt at the beginning of this semester.
Knowing I was taking a class that had to do with technology, any type of technology, kind of
worried me. Mind you I didn’t even know of the existence of the Internet until I was about 9
years old, and when I did access it, it was solely to fail miserably at playing Gunbound(really I
just liked dressing the characters). Now I find myself typing this entry on Google Docs,just one
of the causes of countless panicky e-mails corresponded thus far this semester. Although a
small step to mankind, feeling more at ease with technology is a huge leap for me in the
sense of doors being opened to alternative ways of communication, power to reach the
masses and bring people together.
As I discussed my final project last week in class, I realized just how powerful
technology could be when realizing a project such as mine, where the ultimate goal is the
collaboration of various individuals, even worldwide. I would love a place where not only I
describe current events, key locations and my experiences, but a platform of education,
support and expression for others who “are there”, covering these social justice movements,
immigration reform manifestations, even kids who are struggling to “define” their identity can
express their concerns, feelings and find support from many of us who have gone through
similar facets in our lives. Just like we have read of different immigration waves in our history
classes through textbooks and the like, we can now learn of THIS period of history, where it’s
not just one wave of immigrants coming to America and similar first-world countries, but
individuals from all over the world are packing up and leaving their homes simultaneously,
chasing their dreams in a new land. WE are living through these times, WE can share our
stories and WE can support and educate not just one another, but people who may not be
knowledgeable or necessarily welcoming to the fact that this world is no longer black and
white, there is a whole lot of gray to be explored.
Topics from politics, to less serious consequences of immigration such as fashion
fusions, foods and music all can be discussed through the blog, no matter the background of
the author, everyone is welcome to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas, like I said
earlier we can all be a part of documenting THIS time in the history of the world, after all,
aren’t we the ones surrounded by it every day? That is the beauty of technology in a project
like this, a place can be created where no matter who you are or where you are from, you are
welcome to tell of your story, receive support and find others like you; through a common
place on the web we can not only document these events and tumultuous times, but create a
network of individuals who celebrate the human diversity of this Earth we call home.



I deactivated my Facebook account

So being that the time is mid semester and the lovely midterm season is here, I deactivated my Facebook  account to assure I wasted absolutely no time on it, and dedicated my whole existence (couple of weeks) to studying.I must say it was really weird at first, since I’ve had it I just tap the app on my phone out of habit when I have nothing else to do.

when I was on the bus. tap. when I was eating with someone  and the conversation reminded me of a stale toast. tap. when I was in a place where I knew no one. tap. when I first woke up, but figured I could still stay in bed for 5 more minutes (2 hours). tap. when the professor read straight off a powerpoint. tap. when I had to study. tap, scroll, scroll, scroll. tap, slide finger to the left, next, next….
Now  I have nothing to do in those times when I need to kill time, or I’m simply bored. I thought back to one of the videos we watched in class “back to the book”. Aaron decided to leave Facebook for good, I had only planned to deactivate it for a few weeks, or until I felt myself “less busy” and able to waste time on anything. Now that it’s been about a week, I’m not really sure I will ever go back to it.
why did I even make one in the first place? I had tried myspace for a brief while, and found myself only adding ridiculous decorations constantly as opposed to really “networking”. about 3 years without a myspace account, I decided to create a Facebook freshman year , since it was meant to help students keep in touch throughout their college career. Again, I have never been a big fan of expressing myself outwardly, so my profile was really “dry”, and I only had about 150 friends, if not less. the only thing I really used it for was to see how my friends were doing and how my family members living far away were making out, I could see them grow up before my eyes from thousands of miles through the screen.
regardless of what I used it for, the deletion of the account has definitely increased my productivity. now when I’m bored I remember I always have something to do. whether it be go over note cards or clean, the 5 minutes of every hour spent on Facebook have been adding up to enough time at the end of the day to do something more useful. as a full time college student, not many of us have time to waste, so why do we do it anyway? as for me, I could care less who knows of me or about me or see how cool or uncool my life is. I am quite content in obscurity and don’t see myself going “back to the book” anytime soon. I encourage everyone else to try it,  even if only for a few days, to see what facebook really means to them. for a person who doesn’t really value social networking, I am doing quite well without it. will you?


let’s go shoppinggg!!! click, clack, click…

Whoa. After the academic week I’ve had I am in serious need of some retail therapy. Not like a one tee-shirt, one pair of pants spree; I’m talking about an all I can get for my low unemployed college student amount of money sale reconnaissance. But jeez, I still have a lot of work to do over the weekend; don’t really feel like taking buses, asking for a ride or even putting my face on for the outside world. I really had a strenuous week guys, don’t judge me. Thank goodness for the internet, the countdown for me to self destruct was halfway done, when I remembered I could make a purchase with just a few clicks. Not that I really need anything, but a world of products is just at my finger tips so might as well get those things I may just have the possibility of needing in a near future. I ended up with a couple pairs of shoes, coconut oil for my hair (?), two pairs of earrings (that I will never wear), and scarves! Because everybody needs those in the spring; that was the last click before I realized I still have to pay for a couple of books I forgot to return last semester, Oops.

I feel better now that I have purchased something. I doubt I am the only one who sees shopping as an outlet of stress, just like others may find eating, working out, or meditating to be most effective. As a member of the female race, shopping comes naturally to me; it’s all perfectly explained through evolution. We are gatherers, not hunters. Guys, how many times have you found yourselves sitting outside a store waiting for your significant other (friend, mom, etc…) to decide between the “marshmallow”, “eggshell”, “ricotta”, or “cotton” color dresses to find the one she thought looked best on her? (This item will spend 1.5 years sitting in her closet before she actually wears it). This is because whereas cavemen had to hunt whatever animal in order to provide food for his family, women had the job of going out into the world and carefully search for edible items to bring back to her clan. And so the wonderful relationship between gals and the best item to be found began. Thousands of years later we have cars to facilitate this traveling to and from the best places to find our items, but even better we now have the world wide web.

Our parents may have had the necessity of actually venturing out into the world to find items, but we have the incredible convenience of browsing tens of thousands of things from the comfort of our own homes, using nothing but our hands and fingers. We sign up for newsletters, memberships and coupons to ensure that we are getting the best deals for our money. We will search the same item on multiple sites ,again, to get the most bang for our buck. Flash sales, bidding, staying up all night to get that discount before the item sells out, yup, checked the boxes next to all three. There is definitely mixed opinions when it comes to the practice of online shopping, some people love how easy it is, but others say it is yet another experience which can be replaced by the internet instead of actually “living it”. Personally, I like the fact that if I need something, I don’t always need to spend time away from other tasks in order to shop for it. It’s definitely manageable, as long there is a healthy balance, like anything else internet related, between the internet activity and the amount of fresh air we consume. One does not want to get to the extreme that it becomes an addiction, where we spend all of our earnings on things that are just too easy to obtain, staying up all day and night browsing the web, as opposed to completing our day to day requirements. As for me, I didn’t break the bank and had enough time to finish writing a fe… $39.95, where’s my credit card?!

Dear Diary


Today I woke up late. the walk from my bed to my computer had to be a sprint today. I went to class, thankfully I had done my work last night like I was supposed to. I was the last one to log on, I always hate that feeling. anyway, our seminar was done in less time than I thought, and the assignments we were e-mailed were less than usual. i will have more extra time to play the Sims. Yes! I was pretty tired after class, but I knew I had to work in a bit. money doesn’t grow on trees. I’m not really loving my job, but it pays the bills. they usually give me too many products to list, and I don’t have enough time. working from home has its advantages, but I think they’re starting to overwork me. I would ask for a raise but i can’t risk being let go, how would I pay for my apartment? 
my work is finally done, I didn’t finish listing everything but I’m sure they won’t notice. Gosh, I wish I had kept the money I won from that poker tournament, but that new computer I could buy right from the same site was just calling my name. all it took was two right clicks and it was gone like magic, eh, at least its a decent computer. not that i needed any more computers. I keep making all these stupid life decisions. like that chick I met not too long ago. she seemed a bit older, but her profile picture still looked great. Once I got to know her though she was pretty basic. all her messages were painful to read too, almost sad. maybe if she had paid attention in class she could’ve learned how to use proper grammar, but then again  her generation actually had to use a person to teach, I couldn’t blame her for being so behind. 
I really need to stop feeling sorry about myself, not every one is as lucky as me, at least that’s what my therapist keeps telling me. I’m glad she’s usually online, so I get to talk to her often. though our contract only allows for three detailed sessions we sometimes don’t agree on a time to log on, given she lives on the other side of the globe. I’m usually up all night, the same time she’s logged on so we connect then. it works out. she was the first name to come up after i googled “therapist”, so I knew she was the best. slowly but surely I’m somewhat starting to feel like myself again. time to sleep… tomorrow will be another day.
I woke up late yet again. Again i had the embarrassment of being the last one to log on, notifying everyone, this time it was worse though since it was the church service. I wish my insomnia would give me a break, I can’t go through life always being the tardy user. Either way, I think I’m starting to figure out what’s missing in my life… I have none. I see nothing but four walls everyday, but I didn’t choose to. I grew up in a world where no human contact is necessary, I never had realized how anti social that made me. i never realized i had no real friends, or social circle past Google +. I guess I’m gonna have to venture into the real world, the thing is I don’t know how to start a real conversation. face to face? where do i begin?

Creativity + YouTube: career?


Everybody knows of the internet site YouTube. And by “Everybody”, I mean EVERYBODY. According to YouTube itself, it is visited by over 800, 000, 000 users every single month who spend 4 billion hours behind their screens, using the popular site. With such power to reach the masses the site has become a dream for advertisers every where. One would be out of their mind not to use the “Tube” , taking advantage of their low prices, and the power to reach consumers comparable to those of 2nd and 3rd tier cable networks. the companies advertising do so in the most popular videos, whose submitters also get a slice of the cake. Exactly how much? up to $9000 is what google gives the YouTubers per 2 millions views reached, and if that doesn’t seem that much keep in mind this is not counting the advertisements in the beginning (you can skip this ad in 5 seconds) and the biggest slice, which is the payment the bloggers receive to feature certain products in their video.
Let’s take one of YouTube’s most prolific bloggers, Michelle Phan. while still in college, Michelle started blogging about her favorite beauty tips, and making tutorials for other girls to learn them. 6 years, and almost 200 videos later, Michelle’s popularity has skyrocketed. At 3, 086, 677 subscribers, Phan’s following surpasses the population of 104 countries. A thorogh knowledge in math is not needed to see how advertising in one of Michelle’s videos could bring in high profits. One of her most watched videos, (Lady Gaga Bad Romance tutorial) has reached over 35 000 000 views on its own. wow.
How exactly did Michelle get so many followers? using only a JVC recorder, her MacBook Pro and iMovie software, Phan managed to create her first, surprisingly professional quality videos. It was her creativity, which captivated the viewers and made her the idol of young and old alike. When Forbes (yes Forbes interviewed this lady) asked about her creations, she simply stated “there is something magical about narration and voiceovers. recording a voiceover is an art form in itself. I do not feel as if my approach is any different from what other artists before me have done in other mediums, the singular difference if any is the path i followed is online”. 
 Whatever it is that Michelle does is clearly working. Whether it be her creative delivery, content, beauty or voice, Michelle has become one business woman to be reckoned with. Make-up mega brand Lancome and Coach leather goods have signed up Michelle to feature their products in her videos. Though the exact amount of money being exchanged is not public, Michelle’s net-worth is estimated to be around 3 million dollars and growing, not too shabby for an average girl from Florida with a passion for make-up. 
Michelle may be just a fluke, but it really puts in perspective just how much time “we” as consumers have spent behind our screens in recent years. though it is not common for people to become millionaires due to a career in “YouTubing”, the number of people who earn their living doing so is certainly increasing. All it takes is the right kind of “magic” to catch the audience’s attention. Though it is harder than it seems, the effort to become popular is definitely worth it for those dreaming about becoming an online celebrity.