Ghost – Just a Blogging Platform

There was a Kickstarter launched the other day that seems to have caught the attention of internet goers and bloggers alike. Ghost is an open source blogging platform that focuses on blogging. In the video, John explains how WordPress has grown up over the years and is no longer just about blogging. Personally, I have always hated the WordPress interface and thought it was rather difficult to navigate. There are several ways to add a new post, but the best way is hidden away inside the admin panel. With Ghost, there is a split view that shows Markdown (a markup syntax) on the left and a rendered live view on the right. Ghost Split ViewIt looks beautiful and elegant. There are few alternatives to WordPress that really back how powerful it is, but they are also more complicated. Ghost appears to be as simple as it gets. I have already backed the project on Kickstarter and recommend that you check it out also.


A Week With Pebble

If you’re not too familiar with Pebble, the best introduction for it would be here. Pebble is a smartwatch that connects to your mobile phone via bluetooth. It is capable of displaying incoming texts, emails, calls, and just about anything else from your smartphone.

I finally received my Pebble on 4/20 after backing it over a year ago on Kickstarter.pebble_box I originally ordered a white one, but a few weeks ago they sent me an email saying they were unsure when the white watches were going to ship and offered the opportunity to switch colors. Being the patient person I am, I immediately replied OK’ing the switch.

I’ve had Pebble on my wrist for a little over a week and a TLDR for you would be, “I don’t know what I did before it.” For starters, the watch tells you the time! I never owned a watch before, and always pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the time. Well with Pebble, that’s a thing of the past! Jokes aside, when a text or email comes through to your phone, the watch vibrates and promptly displays the message and sender right on the display. It’s insanely convenient to not have to pull a phone out of your pocket to see who is trying to reach you.

During calls, it also shows who you are talking with and how long the conversation has been going on for, which has more uses than you can  think of. The watch faces are super easy to switch and fairly simple to create. My Pebble Faces is a quick showcase site that lets you quickly download other users designs. Much of the software is open allowing developers to hack away creating their wildest dreams.

The only thing I wish it had is a microphone so I could do quick dictation replies. You instinctively want to respond right from the watch after reading a text. Maybe future iterations will carry such a feature. The rumors say that since Google went with Glass, Apple is most likely working on a watch to further the wearable tech. If they come up with anything as easy and awesome as Pebble, people will be lining up for weeks to get one!

Social Pirate Expirement

An indie game development company named Greenheart Games stirred up talk today over their newest game release, Game Dev Tycoon. Throughout the game, you relive gaming history through research and innovation while you attempt to create the next blockbuster game. The game starts off in the 80’s with a PC being the only available platform. As research ramps up, the first gaming system to be released is the Nivtendo TES.

What’s interesting is that the developers actually ‘leaked’ a modified version of the game to several torrent sites yesterday. This version of the game eventually becomes unplayable thanks to pirates ironically stealing all of your created games.Image

I won’t ruin the best part of the ordeal, but you can check out the full story here. It is worth noting that around ~94% of people who played the game, were doing so on the pirated version. With the digital media advancing as fast as it has been, I applaud these developers for finding a way to raise awareness for a stifling issue that is faced.

Do We Still Need Twitter?

I have never liked Twitter. To be honest, I have always thought it was stupid. A 140 character limit that people circumvent using other web services seems pointless. It partially made sense back before the smartphone era.


Standard text messages carry a 160 character limit, so Twitter enabled people without smartphones to stay connected on the go with 140 character updates.

According to Nielsen in May 2012, over 50% of mobile users had smartphones. This number has since grown, especially since one of the hottest items this past holiday was a smartphone.

Because of this rise, I no longer see the need for Twitter, especially while other social networking platforms offer a more enriched experience. Facebook and Google+ offer a wide range of features that fulfill just about every need in a social site.

In fact, Google+ has recently passed Twitter to claim the 2nd spot for most actively used social network. Google+ integrates seamlessly with just about everything you do on the internet. It also allows you to target who views your content with nice clean group lists known as circles. Yet for some reason, Twitter was mentioned in 50% of all Super Bowl Ads last night even though Google+ wasn’t even mentioned once (Business Insider). A major reason for this is because of ‘hashtagging’ Twitter trends are used in marketing. What are your thoughts on the topic?