Putting Social Media Networks to Good Use !


My uncle Carlos Serrano, better known as Empanada Guy knows how to use social media networks.  He has his own business of producing his own empanadas.  He started off 10 years ago out of his home.  Little by little his product would get around.  He began to produce empanadas and sell them to friends, family, and anyone who would like to buy them.  He then began to see to restaurants in New Jersey.  With the introduction of social media networks he was able to start selling to people all over New Jersey.

His main social media network is FaceBook.  Since he has been using FaceBook people all over the country have been introduced to his product and his fan-base has grown immensely.  He has been given opportunities to go to different states to market his product.  He holds contests to give some empanadas away, sometimes has special offers on them, and gets to communicate with his fans.  Not only does he sell empanadas to restaurants and deliver them to his customers homes, he now has a food truck and sells his product on the road.  He uses Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram and lets his fans and customers know where he is going to be with his truck.Image

He also likes to use YouTube and put out videos showing people what he does best.  This is another way that he can connect with his customers and give them what they want.  His fans also make videos of their own telling him how much they love his product.  Ever since the introduction of social media networks my uncle’s business has really grown.  He knows how to put social media networks to good use.  Someone who started a little business out of his home has made his product known throughout the country.Image


The Love for A Pet!


So I was sitting here thinking of what I wanted to blog about, and my cat decided to lay across my keyboard.  So I have decided to make this post about my pets.  These animals have a special place in my heart.  I think it’s funny how these animals can become such a part of your family.  I have 4 dogs and 2 cats and they are my world!  The best thing is when you come home from being out for just 5 minutes and they greet me like if I was gone for years.  Your pets are so dependent on you that they give you their unconditional love and put their complete trust in you.


ImageI have a teacup Yorkie named Cody, a Pomeranian-Yorkie mix named Mac, an English Bulldog named Moosh, a mutt (not sure what breeds he is) named Charlie, a Tuxedo Cat named Puno, and my gray striped cat named Sheldon.  We got Sheldon as a kitten and Cody as a puppy so they have been with us their whole lives, but the other were either rescued or given to us by family friends.  No matter when they came into our lives and no matter how old they were they have all become family, and I love them with all my heart.  Since I was little I have always had a pet. I love the little things my pets do cause they always make me laugh.  My dog Cody is possibly the most confused dog.  He likes to sit in windows just like my cats and play with laser pointers too! My cat Sheldon is so friendly that if you sit on my couch he wants to lay right on top of you.  He also like to jump on your back when you’re bent over and lay on top of you.



The love I have for these animals and the love they have for me is unexplainable.  They are my world and I am theres. Seeing them grow and change and just love life is the best experience I’ve    had.  Anyone with a pet knows the feelings I am describing and how wonderful it really is.

Old Treasures!

ImageRecently I have come back to my video gaming habits!  I forgot how I much I loved to play video games.  It all started when I dug out my Playstation 2 and Kingdom Hearts game a few weeks ago.  I had forgotten how fun it was to play that game!  The storyline was great and the characters were even better!  On this spree of digging out old consoles I also found my GameCube along with the game Luigi’s Mansion and a few others.  I also found my Sega and Nintendo 64 but came to the realization that I didn’t have the power cables. 

ImageToday I see the video games that are out and none of them really catch my interest.  I’m not really into the whole war games, although I play them a little here and there with my brother.  I wish that they would come out with newer Kingdom Hearts or Zelda games to play.  I would love that!  I’m just super happy that I found all of these old games of mine.  My spring break will be filled with video games.  My next mission is to find my Gameboy and Pokemon games!!


ImageYOLO this, and YOLO that!  That is all I am hearing nowadays.  YOLO came to be thanks to the rapper Drake.  YOLO simply stands for, You Only Live Once.  I mean, we all know that we only live once, duh, but it’s about what you do with that one life you live.  YOLO has been used by anyone and everyone, but for what reasons?  You go to a party and see some drunk guy doing something utterly stupid and what does he scream before he proceeds, YOLO!  That’s what it is used for, an excuse to go and do something stupid.  I go onto FaceBook and see a status update from a high school friend that said, “Almost got pulled over today, got away from the cops; YOLO!” What is that about?  This person could of gotten into some serious trouble, but uses YOLO as an excuse.  When you think of YOLO think of doing something that actually matters in your life.  Make the one life you live count and do something great!  Be original and march to the beat of your own drum.  Don’t use YOLO as an excuse to do something idiotic, but use it more as a drive to make something of yourself!Image

Social Networks: How People Really Get To Know You.

Today, everyone has some sort of social media account like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, etc. and it has become a part of everyone’s daily life. We use these sites to share whatever we want because we have the freedom to express ourselves. But sometimes these sites can hurt us more than they can help us. These sites allow us to post pictures, rant about our day, talk to friends and relatives anywhere around the world, and just be ourselves but because these sites are so widely used anyone can get to know a person through them. I read two articles that talk about how college admissions boards and many different jobs will check your social networks to decide whether they want you or not.ImageThe article Applying to College? 12 Facebook Photos You Should Delete Now explains things that you should delete off of your Facebook when thinking about applying to college. When we post things onto our Facebook, we don’t really think of the consequences it could have on the future. Everyone knows that underage kids like to party and have fun, but why post the pictures on Facebook? A picture of you drinking a beer or smoking some pot isn’t a good idea to put on Facebook in the first place and it’s basically asking for trouble. Even something as little as liking a certain group on Facebook can send the wrong image to people. Today college admissions boards are looking at students Facebooks, Twitters, and YouTube Channels to help choose the students they will accept.Image 

 Not only do colleges look at these sites, but many different jobs do as well. The article If You’re Applying for a Job, Censor Your Facebook Page tells you the reasons why and how jobs screen you through social networks. Once you put something on the internet it’s out there forever. The article states these reasons why employers disregard candidates:

  • Candidate posted provocative or inappropriate photographs or information – 53 percent
  • Candidate posted content about them drinking or using drugs – 44 percent
  • Candidate bad-mouthed their previous employer, co-workers or clients – 35 percent
  • Candidate showed poor communication skills – 29 percent
  • Candidate made discriminatory comments – 26 percent
  • Candidate lied about qualifications – 24 percent
  • Candidate shared confidential information from previous employer – 20 percentImage

I leave you with this, be careful what you put out on your social networks. Anything you put out there will come to haunt you in the end. Keep your profiles on private, but your not guaranteed that something won’t eventually be seen. Think about what your gonna post before you post it.

Music, Music and more Music !

So I watched this video asking if MP3s and vinyl are better than live music. I would have to say yes and no. Each one has its own advantages. MP3s make your music easily accessible and you can listen to a song anywhere, any time. On my iPod I have a variety of genres and thousands of songs. I have never personally used a vinyl so I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything about it. But when it comes to live music, I don’t think there is a better experience than that. I have gone to hundreds of live concerts of different genres and all at different venues and I can honestly say that there is nothing like live music. The experience you get at a concert is unexplainable. You know the music and you hear the songs hundreds of times on the radio or your MP3 but there’s a rush you get when listening live.

ImageThe video says that at concerts today the mix engineers make the concert sound like the record, because that’s what we are expecting. I agree with what he says that today music is more of a media type than a performing art. When the Beatles would hold concerts they would actually record their albums during the concert so that the album would give you the authentic sound of one of their concerts. Artists today are known as recording artists, not musicians. So much work goes into recording an album, that most of the time it does’t even sound human. Auto-tune has such an impact in music today that many artist are dependent on it and use it to make their voices sound better. The point of a concert is to go hear your favorite artist live, but today it’s more like listening to a radio station playing their music only. Where has that authenticity gone? 


Google: A Helping Hand


Google is not making us stupid. Google is one of the easiest ways to access any information you need as soon as you need it. Since the advancement of technology accessing information has become so convenient that you can do it right from your bed. We can access it through our phones, our computers, and our tablets. Today’s generation has grown up with the easy access to any information. Before Google, people would have to go to a library to look for information.  Today all of that information is at the tip of your fingers. Our generation grew up with all of the new technology, and it just keeps advancing. The older generation grew up having to go to libraries to get information they needed, so some tend to see the easy access we have as being lazy. 

ImageBeing that we have such quick and easy access to all of this information we can find out anything we need to know quickly. The point of Google is to learn and get information you need. Why would something that has unlimited information make us stupid? Google has become such a big part of our daily lives that it has been added to the dictionary. It shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing, because in the end it could teach us things we don’t know about. Google can be used to learn any information that you desire. Our intelligence will continue to expand with the help of Google.