Extreme Pinning


I know someone has already talked about pinterest but I want to too! I was absolutely against making a Pinterest account because I had heard how addicting it could become. Last semester I took an online class called Education and Computers. One of our assignments was to create a Pinterest account and make an Education themed board. I logged on for the first time and did not really know how to navigate the site. My roommate who was already an avid pinner, showed me the ropes. In no time I was pinning, making new boards, and had downloaded the Pinterest app to my cell phone. I found myself pinning this and that and everything in between. I would be pinning instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing. I was pinning during class, while doing homework, before bed, when I got up. It was ridiculous. Finally after the project for class was done I had to delete the app off of my phone. The app just made it too convenient to log on and get distracted. I wasn’t literally addicted to pinning, I was just bored most of the time and Pinterest was a fun way to pass the time… wow that sounds very similar to what an addict would say. Hmmm. Well anyways I have since re-installed and uninstalled the app multiple times. Whenever I feel like im getting to distracted I uninstall the app. I still keep my account and sometimes log in on my computer.


With this all said, Pinterest is amazing! It is so much fun and it has so many interesting and helpful resources. There are all kinds of ideas and how to directions for anything you could really imagine. It allows you to browse a large amount of resources at one with just pictures and blurbs and return to them and their full details when you have more time or actually need to know the details. I am actually basing my final blog project on the education board I created. I have taken the ideas and helpful information others have shared and presented them in a way that I feel they are helpful while giving my opinion and such. When I start teaching I will definitely be using some of the material I find on Pinterest.


Rutgers Day


Yesterday was Rutgers Day here at RU. I went with my family and I have to say, there were some really great things out there. I only got to make it around College Ave but I read about some of the other things that were going on around the other campuses and I would have loved to see them. One of the best things I saw yesterday was this older gentleman at the Asian American Culture Club table. He was a master paper cutter. He was cutting all kinds of animals out of paper plates and making them into hats. He just did it all from memory. In some cases he just improvised and did it from skill. For example, there was this lady in front of me in line and she was with her dog. When it was her turn she asked for something and the man said “I do you and him together?” the him he refers to is the dog. So he has them turn their heads sideways and proceeds to cut their profile out. It was absolutely incredible. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like this before. The animals he was cutting out were all so realistic and detailed. There was not a list of items to pick from, you just told him what you wanted and he would cut it out. So cool. Unfortunately I do not know how to put the actual YouTube video of Master Cheng cutting but here is the link. I hope you watch it!

I probably shouldn’t have done that…


This past spring break I was accepted into the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education. This is something I have worked my whole life toward and I was very excited to find out that everything I had worked so  hard for was finally paying off. With this said, I instantly started to think about everything that I had posted on my Facebook. I’ve only had a Facebook for about 3 years now. That may seem long but I was a freshman in college when I first logged in. Most of my other friends had already had a Facebook for years. So I started thinking, “do you know how much crap I have posted on Facebook in these past 3 years?” Oh no. All the CRAP. So I decided to try and go through and try to delete things I haven’t wanted to until now. Things like stupid, immature, or inappropriate status updates like “HOLY CRAP, IM SO DRUNK RIGHT NOW!!” or quoting inappropriate song lyrics from Lil Wayne or Drake, we all know how bad those can be. Or pictures of me as an under-aged drinker with a bottle of Absolute in my hands. All these things I thought, could really come back to bite me in the butt when I least expect it. As I was trying to do this, I realized, IT IS HARD. Do you know how impossible it is to actually go through years of material and try to weed out the bad stuff? Facebook doesn’t even let you view everything from past years, just selective things. The only thing you really have access to are your pictures. Believe me, I went through for the worst of them.

Now my question is, should I be do this Facebook-oscopy? Or will it not really matter? Or, should I just delete my Facebook altogether? Well, I don’t know how I feel about that last option. I really do like Facebook, sometimes. Yes, at times it does get boring but I tend to find out a lot of news the fastest on Facebook. Whether it be national new, or who is making up and breaking up among my friends. I also make it a point not to become Facebook friends with anyone I do not know.

Khan Academy

242-khan-academy_image_2One week in class Khan academy was mentioned. I wanted to talk about it a little. Khan academy is a website where anyone can learn almost anything with tutorial videos. This site was founded by Sal Khan. One day someone in his family needed help with her math homework so he make a tutorial video and turned it into a youtube video so she would be able to view it and get help. He did this a few more times and before he knew it he had thousands of hits on his videos. The feedback was amazing and he decided to dedicate his life to helping. The website has been extremely helpful since it was founded. There are classrooms that actually take time out of the day and learn lessons through the tutorial videos on the site. They also assign homework that the students might need help with and they can log onto Khan Academy and get help. It is a pretty interesting way to incorporate technology into the classroom. Technology is ever progressing and making its way into our classrooms.


For one of my classes, Education and Computers, we had to explore Khan Academy after watching a video like this. I watched a few videos and found them to be pretty helpful. They are clear and colorful to hold your attention. If you don’t quite understand the concept fully the first time then you have the convenience of rewinding the video back and watching it over as many times as you need. Also Sal has a very sure voice. Its confident and lets you know that he really knows what he is doing. This is a nice aspect to ease your mind, just like with any tutor that you may have in person.

Sal Khan has found a way to truly help people by producing information that is actually worth looking at. There are so many topics to choose from when you go onto the site. Khan has a full working staff that are specialists in many topic areas and therefore provide for more help. I definitely suggest for everyone to check out the site and definitely recommend it to anyone in need of help!


I know I am a little late on this topic but I needed to take some time out and talk about this a bit. I watched the footage that the professor posted last week prior to him posting it because my friend showed me. And let me say how mortified I was. I did not think it was funny, entertaining, cool, or anything along the lines of decent human behavior. After all the university has faced in the Mike Rice scandal I think it was more important than ever for us as Rutgers students to show the nation that we are more than what the news airs on TV and that we are stronger now than ever before. But, no. Those students apparently had other things on their minds. It is one thing to party but to get absolutely uncontrollable is unacceptable.

Let’s talk about the future, shall we? The things we do now are the things that will shape us into what we will become in the future. It is more important than ever that we make a name for ourselves as good human beings. The actions that we take now will inevitably come back to bite us in the proverbial a**. Everyone wants to have fun while they are in college, me included, but I would never do something that would potentially harm my future. I have too much to loose. I would not feel so strongly if the nation did not see the words Rutgers Students printed and spoken in the news. This is clearly an overgeneralization that many will make and look down on the rest of us who are trying to good things here. That is not to say that anyone who attended “Delafest” is not here doing something worthy but what I am trying to say is to make sure everyone thinks before you act. To some this incident might have been awesome but to the rest of us it was plain dumb. Hopefully everyone learned their lesson and will not be participating in anything like this again.

People of Walmart…


Wal-Mart, oh Wal-Mart. I was not able to attend class on 2/26 so I took it upon myself to watch the “People of Wal-Mart” video. Wow. That is all I can say. That was crazy. After watching it I googled “worst of Wal-mart” and this is what I found. I just cannot believe that some of these people would leave their homes like that.


Personally, I love going to Wal-mart. In my home town there was a Wal-mart but it was on the smaller side. Last February the new Super Wal-Mart open right down the road from the old Wal-Mart. It has anything you could really need or want. I love going there. If I need anything I always go to Wal-Mart first. they seem to always have the lowest prices and are the most convenient.  And I do not know where all these people are coming from because I have never seen anything like them at my local Wal-Mart. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely seen people in their pajamas, or in less than fitting outfits and such but I can honestly say nothing as bad or worse than these images. I feel like people like them a major reason why Wal-Mart has such a bad reputation. This is of course overlooking the politics of the corporation of Wal-Mart and simply looking at this from a consumer’s point of view. To me, there is nothing wrong with shopping at Wal-Mart for anything really. I even to this day buy clothing there. I am not ashamed or embarrassed of that fact. I do not buy all my clothes there but I occasionally find some really cute items that are very popular and Wal-Mart happens to be selling them for a cheaper price than other popular clothing stores. Therefore, i have no problem buying that item at Wal-Mart and saving myself a few dollars. On the other hand, there are people who do not like Wal-Mart and believe it is a place where only poor people shop. To them, I say, to each their own.


Cyber Bullying


Last class we talked about the usage of the internet and why some people are uncomfortable with it. One of the biggest negative things that has come up in recent years has been cyber bullying. We touched on this a little in class but I wanted to talk about it a little more because it is a subject that I feel very strongly about. In recent years this has become a hot topic with the internet and technology becoming such a prominent factor in most people’s lives. The youths seem to be the biggest users of technology. I am only 22 but I look at my 12 years old brother and see the way the kids his age always have something technological practically glued to their hands. They have cell phones, iPods, ipads, computers, and many other devices. It was only ten years ago when I was their age and there were very few kids who had cell phones let alone all those other devices and it seems like the ages of kids getting their hands on technological devices is getting younger. I recently worked at a day camp during last summer and the campers ranged from ages six to fourteen. There was this six years old little boy who had not only an iPod but his very own laptop. He was six! I could not believe it when I found this out. I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was sixteen and my first laptop until I started college, which I bought myself. I also didn’t get an iPod until I was in college because I had to save up for it in order to buy it myself. With technology so readily available to kids these days, they have begun using them in inappropriate ways.


Social media has become one of the biggest crazes that people have ever seen or endured. It serves its purposes in many ways but people have found ways to use it in negative ways. In recent years cyber bullying has become a really big problem with our youth. Don’t get me wrong there are adults who use social media and technology for the same reasons but I think it is more predominant with the youth. When our parents, grandparents, and even people around my age were younger and going through primary and secondary school, cyber bullying was either non-existent or very rare. Bullying although, was not as unheard of. Personal bullying has always been a problem for any generation. But now it has gone from personal face to face bullying to kids sitting behind their computers and cellphones bullying other kids from the comfort of their own bedrooms. Kids used to be able to escape bullies when they were at home now we have these bullies coming through our homes virally. Bullies have found a way to attack kids in all aspects of their lives. This unfortunately leads to a lot of innocent kids taking their own lives because they feel like they have no other way out of these situations.cyber-bullying-tips

I feel thay it is the responsiblity of the parents, teachers, guardians, and any other bystander to make changes. They must teach and show the bullies that bullying is absolutely not acceptable and that it will not be tolerated. They also need to let the kids being bullied know that there is always a way out other than taking their own lives. Suicide should never be an option. There are so many programs, websites, and even laws that assist the bullied kids get help and also allow others to be the helpers. I think these resources should be taken at full advantage.