Podcast vs. Video Essay

After working on both projects, I discovered many pros and cons for both. Both projects required me to learn how to do editing. I was able to work on both assignments using free software. I used Audacity for the podcast and Windows Movie Maker for the video essay.

The podcast project was really fun to work on. I had never used Audacity before. After some practice, Audacity became easier to use. It was not a very visually appealing program, but it was useful for the editing i needed to do. For a free program, it worked surprisingly well. For the podcast, i recorded my friends and i talking about wrestling. I enjoyed working on this assignment because i liked the topic. It was also fun to add music and sound effects to the podcast. A disadvantage I encountered was only have one mic. We all had to get close to one mic in order to record. There are also some things that are easier to express through video than audio.


I ran into more difficulties while working on the video essay assignment. The biggest problems came from using Windows Movie Maker. I used Movie Maker because it was video editing program i had on my computer. Movie Maker is very user friendly and simple to use. The simplicity of the program was the biggest disadvantage. In reality, Movie Maker is only good at making vacation photo montages. The program does not allow you to edit video and audio separately I had to convert my video to mp3 and then edit it in Audacity. After that I upload the audio back into to Movie Maker. I  understand that Movie Maker is a free program, but in previous version, editing audio and video separately could be done. I do not get why they would get rid of that function.

Overall, I enjoyed working on the podcast more than the video essay. Audacity is a good program. I still use to edit explicit songs to play on the radio.  Movie maker is not a good program for making videos. I want to find a better video editing program.



Can Personal & Professional Profiles Exist Together on The Web?

In a lot of my classes we have been discussing social media. I even had to create a “professional” twitter page for one of my class. I can see the importance of maintain a professional image on the web and connecting with other professional, but I also enjoy posting funny status and sharing pictures of my friends doing stupid stuff. With the web presence of potential employees becoming increasing important  to employers, is there any room to maintain a regular personal profile online?

I recently read this article which explains what to tweet and what not to tweet. It made me realize that I tweet a decent amount of things that would fall under the “don’t tweet” category. As I start applying for internships, i started to think of deleting my social media pages. The way  i have been using social media would not be considered “professional.” I don’t ever post really extreme things, but i do the occasional funny, inappropriate status/tweet every now and then. It really bums me out knowing I might not get hired based on my actions on social media. I do not think that should be the deciding factor. For me, it  almost does not seem worth it to keep my social media pages anymore. I don’t think it’s possible to have a personal and professional page.

Why I Might Blog

Before this semester I never had a blog, nor really ever considered blogging. Now i have two classes where i have to create blogs. At first, it was some what overwhelming and I’m still trying to get the hang of it. After reading Why I Blog, I started thinking that I might want to start up my own personal blog outside of class. In the article Andrew Sullivan writes, “Blogging is therefore to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive.” I really liked this quote because it changed the way I look at most writing.  Most of my writing experience so far has been pretty much just been writing papers, which is the opposite of “more free-form, more accident-prone.” Especially in Expos, where it feel like i was writing the same paper every week. This semester has opened up my eyes to the idea of writing for fun.


As I pondered on the idea of starting a personal blog, some questions arose. What would I write about? Would anyone read it or even care about what i have to write? I figured i would probably just write about music and professional wrestling (yea, i know its fake), since those are my main interests. Even if know one reads it, i might be fun just to write.

So if you blog or even if you don’t, I’d love to hear your thoughts on blogging!

Is There a Right Way To Use Youtube?

In class today, a student stated that people aren’t using YouTube the right way. She believed that we are taking the “powerful tool” of YouTube for granted. She had some valid points, but is there really a right way to use YouTube? And who determines what the right or wrong way is? YouTube has endless number of videos, some with millions of views, and others with barely a hundred. 


Some of my favorite videos on YouTube range from dumb funny videos to educational national geographic videos. In my mind, they all serve a purpose. Some are for entertainment, while others can be very educational. The only channel i’m subscribed to is Shoenice22. If you never heard of him, he is this dude who will basically eat or drink almost anything in record time. If you have the chance definitely check out some of his videos. Some people might argue that Shoenice is the perfect example of what some might believe is the wrong way to use YouTube. He makes funny videos of himself doing ridiculous things, and is making money off the ads.  Is it wrong because he is making money off of these ridiculous videos? People also think Rebecca Black is the wrong way to use YouTube. Her song is terrible but it is still racking up millions of views.

Personally I do not think there is a wrong way to use YouTube. If you can make money from hits on funny videos, then more power to you. YouTube is for people to make videos of whatever they want. There are videos for everyone. It is easy to find useful, educational videos while ignoring the low brow viral videos. 

Do you think there is a right way to use YouTube?