Psychic Sylvia Brown tells mom that Amanda Berry is dead

Psychic, Sylvia Browne, a frequent of the Montel Williams, claimed that Amanda Berry was dead… to her mother. Clearly, this prediction was incorrect as she was found alive Monday along with two other girls: Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight. After being confined to their kidnappers basement for nearly a decade, Amanda Berry decided enough was enough, and escaped with the help of a neighbor. In 2004, the year following Berry’s disappearance, her distraught mother appeared on “The Montel Williams” show, to be told by Sylvia Browne that her daughter was “in heaven and on the other side” and that her last words were “goodbye, mom, I love you”. Amanda Berry’s mother, Louwana Miller,  truly believed Sylvia that her daughter had passed, only to die a year later after appearing on the show due to heart failure. As a result of Sylvia’s accusation, she has come under scrutiny–and not for the first time. Comments on her Facebook page read, “Sylvia is a con artist and commits fraud for financial gain”. However, as many people believe in mediums and their ability to speak to dead, Browne’s business will keep on booming–she charges $850 for a phone psychic reading, but it has currently been discounted to $550…I wonder why. As a skeptic myself of this practice, I cannot believe people pay that much for a PHONE conversation with someone who they have never met that claims to be a spiritual guide and psychic–not to mention has been proven wrong time and time again. Does anyone else see this as a HUGE scam?



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