Jodi Arias: Twitter, etc



In 2008, Jodi Arias admitted that she killed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in self-defense. Some sources report that Alexander was abusive, and that Arias’ crime was not premeditated, while others say the exact reverse. Regardless, Alexander’s corpse was a grisly spectacle when it was found; a shot to the face, with 20 stab wounds, and a slit throat from ear to ear.

Their relationship was actually more of an affair that culminated in extreme jealousy on Arias’ part. Arias apparently converted to Mormonism, Alexander’s faith, but he still broke up with her and dated other women. Friends of Travis Alexander report that Arias took up stalking and slashed his tires.



The most recent news is that she has finally been declared guilty of first-degree murder. She is currently on suicide watch due to comments she made that displayed her wish for a quick death (death sentence), as opposed to a prolonged one (life imprisonment).

Interestingly enough, Arias is stated to only follow 14 followers on Twitter. Amongst them is famous comedian, Kathy Griffin, who speaks her thoughts on the matter in this video. In the video, Griffin seems somewhat amused/surprised that Arias/her representative is tweeting from the prison.


One thought on “Jodi Arias: Twitter, etc

  1. I have been following this story but due to the extensive trial have missed a ton of information. I thought she was guilty from the very beginning and am glad this is not another Casey Anthony trial. However, how is she allowed to tweet from prison? I have a feeling someone made a fake account in her name.

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