Charles Ramsey: Hero



If you’ve been keeping up with recent happenings, you would know that a dishwasher in Cleveland has become something of a national hero, his name trending across Twitter, his face featuring in T-shirts, his videos going viral, etc. What exactly is the reason for all this attention? His quick actions of rescuing three young women who all went missing years past, has made him an iconic figure.

He and another man (Angel Cordero) reportedly kicked down the door of their neighbor, kidnapper Ariel Castro’s house, and helped the long-thought missing Amanda Berry, Georgina “Gina” DeJesus and Michelle Knight escape. This was due to the actions of Berry, who screamed for help, and luckily Ramsey was there to hear her calls. After the women were safely out of the house and reunited with their families, Castro was promptly arrested.



Still, while all the internet memes are in good fun and praising the humble, down-to-eath Ramsey, some people actually do mock him for his first TV appearance: where he was disheveled, and spoke in a colorful manner of speech. But ultimately, Ramsey comes from an impoverished area, and criticizing him is pretty much in very bad taste. Most people are charmed by Ramsey’s very passionate, authentic self, and consider him a folk hero on all social media platforms.

But the media seemingly jumped at the chance to conduct more research on the unlikely hero. Recent news shows that Ramsey, himself, is no stranger to criminals. He apparently was arrested a few times in the past for domestic abuse and other misdemeanors. But Ramsey has never declared himself to be a saint, and even his then wife, Rochelle has been defending him, “Ok so for the record ppl do change and you shouldn’t hold the past against someone,” she wrote Wednesday. “The (main) thing is Charles Ramsey did a good deed and those girls are safe is that not the most important thing?”


One thought on “Charles Ramsey: Hero

  1. Of course the media will go to extreme lengths to find out the record of an overnight celebrity who made airwaves for his heroic actions. However, his records don’t prove the person he is today as he did whatever he could – kicking down the door – to help Amanda Berry.

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