Social Pirate Expirement

An indie game development company named Greenheart Games stirred up talk today over their newest game release, Game Dev Tycoon. Throughout the game, you relive gaming history through research and innovation while you attempt to create the next blockbuster game. The game starts off in the 80’s with a PC being the only available platform. As research ramps up, the first gaming system to be released is the Nivtendo TES.

What’s interesting is that the developers actually ‘leaked’ a modified version of the game to several torrent sites yesterday. This version of the game eventually becomes unplayable thanks to pirates ironically stealing all of your created games.Image

I won’t ruin the best part of the ordeal, but you can check out the full story here. It is worth noting that around ~94% of people who played the game, were doing so on the pirated version. With the digital media advancing as fast as it has been, I applaud these developers for finding a way to raise awareness for a stifling issue that is faced.


One thought on “Social Pirate Expirement

  1. This is pretty amusing. Wow, it really is an awesome, original concept. This idea really caters to gamers, simply by its straightforward, whimsical core. The fact that your company can go bankrupt due to pirating is hilariously ironic, in hindsight. I applaud them for bringing awareness to an issue many game developing companies face, but also do so in a playfully scolding way.

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