Extreme Pinning


I know someone has already talked about pinterest but I want to too! I was absolutely against making a Pinterest account because I had heard how addicting it could become. Last semester I took an online class called Education and Computers. One of our assignments was to create a Pinterest account and make an Education themed board. I logged on for the first time and did not really know how to navigate the site. My roommate who was already an avid pinner, showed me the ropes. In no time I was pinning, making new boards, and had downloaded the Pinterest app to my cell phone. I found myself pinning this and that and everything in between. I would be pinning instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing. I was pinning during class, while doing homework, before bed, when I got up. It was ridiculous. Finally after the project for class was done I had to delete the app off of my phone. The app just made it too convenient to log on and get distracted. I wasn’t literally addicted to pinning, I was just bored most of the time and Pinterest was a fun way to pass the time… wow that sounds very similar to what an addict would say. Hmmm. Well anyways I have since re-installed and uninstalled the app multiple times. Whenever I feel like im getting to distracted I uninstall the app. I still keep my account and sometimes log in on my computer.


With this all said, Pinterest is amazing! It is so much fun and it has so many interesting and helpful resources. There are all kinds of ideas and how to directions for anything you could really imagine. It allows you to browse a large amount of resources at one with just pictures and blurbs and return to them and their full details when you have more time or actually need to know the details. I am actually basing my final blog project on the education board I created. I have taken the ideas and helpful information others have shared and presented them in a way that I feel they are helpful while giving my opinion and such. When I start teaching I will definitely be using some of the material I find on Pinterest.

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