Rutgers Day


Yesterday was Rutgers Day here at RU. I went with my family and I have to say, there were some really great things out there. I only got to make it around College Ave but I read about some of the other things that were going on around the other campuses and I would have loved to see them. One of the best things I saw yesterday was this older gentleman at the Asian American Culture Club table. He was a master paper cutter. He was cutting all kinds of animals out of paper plates and making them into hats. He just did it all from memory. In some cases he just improvised and did it from skill. For example, there was this lady in front of me in line and she was with her dog. When it was her turn she asked for something and the man said “I do you and him together?” the him he refers to is the dog. So he has them turn their heads sideways and proceeds to cut their profile out. It was absolutely incredible. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like this before. The animals he was cutting out were all so realistic and detailed. There was not a list of items to pick from, you just told him what you wanted and he would cut it out. So cool. Unfortunately I do not know how to put the actual YouTube video of Master Cheng cutting but here is the link. I hope you watch it!

3 thoughts on “Rutgers Day

  1. There was so much going on at Rutgers Day. I wish I could have gotten around to all of it, because that sounds really cool. In Hill Center on Busch, they had TV’s and video cameras set up on the wall between these two rooms that acted like a window between them! It’s rather hard to describe, but I’m sure you can imagine what I’m talking about. Next year I’ll have to battle the urge to go home early.

  2. This man is an amazing artist. It’s a shame I could not attend Rutger’s Day. I think I would have enjoyed seeing his work, had I been there. I looked him up just now and received a fair amount of results. I am glad technology is acting as a means for him to share his beautiful art. He apparently travels and cuts paper for schools and universities.

    Perhaps next year I will try to attend. I hope there is a chance of him coming back to Rutgers.

  3. I went to Rutger’s Day, but sadly got to see very little. I did see several people (mainly little kids) wearing hats with all sorts of cool shapes cut into them, but I didn’t know someone actually made them by hand like this. I thought they were sold that way, or something. Regardless, that is a lot of talent.

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