I probably shouldn’t have done that…


This past spring break I was accepted into the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education. This is something I have worked my whole life toward and I was very excited to find out that everything I had worked so  hard for was finally paying off. With this said, I instantly started to think about everything that I had posted on my Facebook. I’ve only had a Facebook for about 3 years now. That may seem long but I was a freshman in college when I first logged in. Most of my other friends had already had a Facebook for years. So I started thinking, “do you know how much crap I have posted on Facebook in these past 3 years?” Oh no. All the CRAP. So I decided to try and go through and try to delete things I haven’t wanted to until now. Things like stupid, immature, or inappropriate status updates like “HOLY CRAP, IM SO DRUNK RIGHT NOW!!” or quoting inappropriate song lyrics from Lil Wayne or Drake, we all know how bad those can be. Or pictures of me as an under-aged drinker with a bottle of Absolute in my hands. All these things I thought, could really come back to bite me in the butt when I least expect it. As I was trying to do this, I realized, IT IS HARD. Do you know how impossible it is to actually go through years of material and try to weed out the bad stuff? Facebook doesn’t even let you view everything from past years, just selective things. The only thing you really have access to are your pictures. Believe me, I went through for the worst of them.

Now my question is, should I be do this Facebook-oscopy? Or will it not really matter? Or, should I just delete my Facebook altogether? Well, I don’t know how I feel about that last option. I really do like Facebook, sometimes. Yes, at times it does get boring but I tend to find out a lot of news the fastest on Facebook. Whether it be national new, or who is making up and breaking up among my friends. I also make it a point not to become Facebook friends with anyone I do not know.


3 thoughts on “I probably shouldn’t have done that…

  1. First of all, congratulations on your acceptance to Rutgers University Graduate School of Education – an amazing accomplishment! Second of all, I am in the same position as you. I recently went through all my old pictures and deleted all the inappropriate ones I knew would only get my in trouble later on. However, I noticed all of my statuses were not visible, like you mentioned. So, I was unable to delete them. However, I am hoping that they’re also not visible to future employers. It seems as though Facebook is making it harder and harder for us to keep our information private. It took me well over an hour to figure out how to make my tagged photos private – even from people who I am friends with.

  2. I am very paranoid about what I post on Facebook, even if it is not particularly inappropriate. Nearly anything cane be taken the wrong way, incriminate you for something you are innocent of, insult someone you’d rather not, etc. Personally I use an alias for my Facebook because of this paranoia. I have heard that many jobs will not believe you do not have one, though, so obviously that might not be the best idea. Perhaps it might be a good idea to delete this Facebook account, and make a new one with a ‘fresh slate’?

  3. This is late, but congratulations! I am newer than most to Facebook, so I guess you would know more about fiddling with the privacy settings and whatnot. For me, I am not an avid party-goer by a long shot, but I do tend to use profanity from time to time. I am slightly worried about that, but as a freshman, I suppose I will have all the time in the world, or at least, for a good while.

    I heard that deleting your account per say, is not actually getting rid of it? I know that it will be inactive, unless I have been misinformed. I hope you discovered your solution by now! Good luck!

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