Podcast vs. Video Essay

After working on both projects, I discovered many pros and cons for both. Both projects required me to learn how to do editing. I was able to work on both assignments using free software. I used Audacity for the podcast and Windows Movie Maker for the video essay.

The podcast project was really fun to work on. I had never used Audacity before. After some practice, Audacity became easier to use. It was not a very visually appealing program, but it was useful for the editing i needed to do. For a free program, it worked surprisingly well. For the podcast, i recorded my friends and i talking about wrestling. I enjoyed working on this assignment because i liked the topic. It was also fun to add music and sound effects to the podcast. A disadvantage I encountered was only have one mic. We all had to get close to one mic in order to record. There are also some things that are easier to express through video than audio.


I ran into more difficulties while working on the video essay assignment. The biggest problems came from using Windows Movie Maker. I used Movie Maker because it was video editing program i had on my computer. Movie Maker is very user friendly and simple to use. The simplicity of the program was the biggest disadvantage. In reality, Movie Maker is only good at making vacation photo montages. The program does not allow you to edit video and audio separately I had to convert my video to mp3 and then edit it in Audacity. After that I upload the audio back into to Movie Maker. I  understand that Movie Maker is a free program, but in previous version, editing audio and video separately could be done. I do not get why they would get rid of that function.

Overall, I enjoyed working on the podcast more than the video essay. Audacity is a good program. I still use to edit explicit songs to play on the radio.  Movie maker is not a good program for making videos. I want to find a better video editing program.



2 thoughts on “Podcast vs. Video Essay

  1. I think it was the exact opposite for me. While I was able to figure out how Audacity worked fairly quickly, and the editing was not difficult, it was very time consuming. It took hours upon hours to edit even small clips. Windows Movie Maker on the other hand was easy, and the actual editing didn’t too long. I’m sure there are much better ones, though. It is surprising, though, how some of the best programs are free.

  2. Haha, my situation was the exact opposite. As someone who does not like talking, I did not enjoy hearing how weird I thought my voice sounded. Though I was familiar with Audacity before class, I only ever used it to change the pitch of some songs. I cannot do anything complicated with it, I’m afraid.

    On the other hand, the video was a lot more enjoyable for me to work on. Perhaps because for our project, my partner and I took clips off the internet, as opposed to actually filming anything. Additionally, for programs, I guess you just have to find the right one.

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