Khan Academy

242-khan-academy_image_2One week in class Khan academy was mentioned. I wanted to talk about it a little. Khan academy is a website where anyone can learn almost anything with tutorial videos. This site was founded by Sal Khan. One day someone in his family needed help with her math homework so he make a tutorial video and turned it into a youtube video so she would be able to view it and get help. He did this a few more times and before he knew it he had thousands of hits on his videos. The feedback was amazing and he decided to dedicate his life to helping. The website has been extremely helpful since it was founded. There are classrooms that actually take time out of the day and learn lessons through the tutorial videos on the site. They also assign homework that the students might need help with and they can log onto Khan Academy and get help. It is a pretty interesting way to incorporate technology into the classroom. Technology is ever progressing and making its way into our classrooms.


For one of my classes, Education and Computers, we had to explore Khan Academy after watching a video like this. I watched a few videos and found them to be pretty helpful. They are clear and colorful to hold your attention. If you don’t quite understand the concept fully the first time then you have the convenience of rewinding the video back and watching it over as many times as you need. Also Sal has a very sure voice. Its confident and lets you know that he really knows what he is doing. This is a nice aspect to ease your mind, just like with any tutor that you may have in person.

Sal Khan has found a way to truly help people by producing information that is actually worth looking at. There are so many topics to choose from when you go onto the site. Khan has a full working staff that are specialists in many topic areas and therefore provide for more help. I definitely suggest for everyone to check out the site and definitely recommend it to anyone in need of help!

2 thoughts on “Khan Academy

  1. I remember talking about this website in class as well. However, I do not remember if it was free of charge to join. Also, what’s the difference between watching these tutorials on this specific site rather than finding them elsewhere online, such as YouTube? What makes is so much better? To me, it doesn’t really seem like anything special – just an extra source to help you with your homework.

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