It is inevitable that the internet has become part of our society and our daily lives, but it not only became so in the United States only, but around the world. Millions of users access the internet daily whether for entertainment, work, or socializing.
Users today use the internet to be able to connect to others around the globe, connecting people worldwide and unifying them in many ways. The internet changed the global sphere of thoughts and understanding of concepts. With the advent of the internet different kinds of cultures and even social movements occurred. Websites such Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube have been used to lead revolutionary movements in Syria, Egypt, Algeria, and the rest of the Middle East. The revolutionary movement in Egypt started out with a video posted on Youtube calling Egyptian citizens to revolt against the government in a video by an Egyptian student called Asma Mahgoub, in which she requested that all Egyptians go to the Tahrir Square on January 25th 2011 and oppose what has been going on in the country. This video then went viral and was one of the main triggers that started the movement.

There is nothing that the internet users, or now as they are called “Netizens”, cannot do. In 2005 in South Korea, a girl had her dog with her on a subway and the dog defecated on the subway, in which the girl refused to pick her dog’s feces. Individuals on the subway were outraged and took pictures of the girl and posted it on the internet. The picture went viral and caused public outrage, eventually the girl was identified and known as “dog poop girl” in South Korea and the story got mainstream attention. She dropped out of college due to her embarrassment and her life was never the same again.
Internet is not only used for expressing one’s thoughts and revolting about certain circumstances internationally, but it is also used to spread music. Most recently the Hallyu wave, or Korean wave of Kpop or Korean pop has been spreading. Kpop has been around for more than 20 years, however, right now it is at its highest demand, in which Netizens demanded a series of concerts called the “SmTown” concerts in which artists under Sm entertainment gather to perform and tour the world. They usually start with Asian countries, however this past year showed the most demand from fans, that the fans even organized flash mobs and videos to grab the media’s attention to their countries demanding that they come and perform in their countries. This has happened in France, in which the tickets were completely sold out the first day and demanded for a second day in which they were given another concert. In New York this also happened, and in October of 2011, New York flash mobbers got their chance finally and the SmTown concert was performed in Madison Square Garden. “Gangnam Style” has also reached the American public and has been played on the radio, becoming a global hit. If it were not for the internet and social networking websites, these fans would have never known about Kpop or exposed to it, especially the European and North American public.

Not only is the South Korean music being spread, but also the South Korean dramas being viewed daily on the internet. Also, the anime and magna fans have been growing more and more each day. In general the internet has become a globally enriching experience to the user who has interest in different cultures. Now the average citizen can collect knowledge and even exchange information with others from that culture a lot easier than before.


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