I know I am a little late on this topic but I needed to take some time out and talk about this a bit. I watched the footage that the professor posted last week prior to him posting it because my friend showed me. And let me say how mortified I was. I did not think it was funny, entertaining, cool, or anything along the lines of decent human behavior. After all the university has faced in the Mike Rice scandal I think it was more important than ever for us as Rutgers students to show the nation that we are more than what the news airs on TV and that we are stronger now than ever before. But, no. Those students apparently had other things on their minds. It is one thing to party but to get absolutely uncontrollable is unacceptable.

Let’s talk about the future, shall we? The things we do now are the things that will shape us into what we will become in the future. It is more important than ever that we make a name for ourselves as good human beings. The actions that we take now will inevitably come back to bite us in the proverbial a**. Everyone wants to have fun while they are in college, me included, but I would never do something that would potentially harm my future. I have too much to loose. I would not feel so strongly if the nation did not see the words Rutgers Students printed and spoken in the news. This is clearly an overgeneralization that many will make and look down on the rest of us who are trying to good things here. That is not to say that anyone who attended “Delafest” is not here doing something worthy but what I am trying to say is to make sure everyone thinks before you act. To some this incident might have been awesome but to the rest of us it was plain dumb. Hopefully everyone learned their lesson and will not be participating in anything like this again.


2 thoughts on “Delafest

  1. I could not agree with you more. This event could not be brought to the medias attention at a worse time. Bouncing back after the Mike Rice incident was a difficult task at hand for Rutgers University, and was even more troubling after the Delafest riot made national headlines. Students were caught on film burning couches, causing havoc on the streets of New Brunswick, and drunkly dancing off the top of their roofs. To top it off, students who were in attendance were bragging to the reporters about how much fun it was and how much cops suck. Little do they realize, these articles will follow them for the rest of their lives. A simple Google search, and an employer will easily find their name and know that they were in attendance at such an event – therefore, they most likely won’t get the job.

  2. I hadn’t actually heard of this until reading this post, but this is terrible. I worry for Rutgers’ reputation. The more bad things that come into the media like this, the worse Rutgers looks as a whole. And that is not fair for the hard-working students who attend for its good reputation as a research university.

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