Bullying and technology

A long time ago a student that is being bullied in school could find comfort and ignore these comments when he got home. However, nowadays with the advent of the internet even if he does get home, church, anywhere basically, these comments will affect him. It does not matter where you are physically anymore because an average student has a smart phone, Facebook or Twitter accounts, and internet. The internet has changed how bullying works. It is almost surrounds the child from everywhere. Even if he or she do not use Facebook or any of the social media websites that his classmates or bullies may be using. They use them to spread rumors and make groups to taunt these other young kids that are being bullied by them. It makes it so much easier to bully these children outside of school and torment them everywhere.
With their computers they can photoshop photos and post them on the school walls. When I was in high school, a girl’s naked photo was printed and posted on walls all around the school. She was not the first nor the last girl that had sent her photos to a guy in school naked through her computer or phone. This was a known thing that happend between kids. Also the fairly new term “sexting” has ruined a lot of teenagers lives. Many of these conversations are posted on the web or sent to other kids in the school, making the private conversations public and ruining the girl’s life. Not to mention the fact that here at Rutgers, Tyler Clementi,( may he rest in peace) committed suicide for similar reasons. He was recorded having a sex with another male by his roommate Dharun Ravi. Ravi was bullying Clementi and even having “live” broadcasting of Clementi having sex with this male, which lead him to commit suicide.
Also, a lot of schools have turned a blind eye to bullying. This also almost happened recently but with the coach of the Rutgers University men’s basketball team, Mike Rice. He did not get real punishment till ESPN showed some parts of the 30-mintue video that showed how he acted in practice towards the players. Regardless of his position he was only suspended first, but then got fired after the video got the attention from the public. There is no way that a parent would allow for his or her child to be physically abused and degraded by calling them names and cursing at them. Without these videos going viral and getting this attention, he would probably still be coaching the men’s basketball team.

This all makes one wonder, technology does really help in exposing harmful bullying like the men’s basketball coach at Rutgers, but it also ruins many children’s lives. The rates of suicide are increasing immensely. This is not only here in America, but around the globe, especially in South Korea, which has the world’s highest suicide rates. This is due to also the cyber bullying that has taken place. An example is in 2007 when a Korean band’s, Super Junior, fans sent hate mail, and messages to a girl for taking a picture with the band on a show. She also committed suicide shortly afterwards.

Bullying has many consequences, but no one is taking real action in schools. Many celebrities have spoken against bullying, celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Demi Levato, Miley Cyrus, Jim Carrey, Ellen, etc. Many of these celebrities also admitted that they were bullied as kids in school, but is all of this enough?


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