Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I know we’ve been talking since the beginning of the semester about how social networking has been slowly but surely taking over our lives.  Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or so on; they have become an integral part of most of our daily lives.  It is a never ending cycle of being obsessed with one social networking site and then the next year when a new one is released you can’t stop from signing in.  It was like when MySpace was created, then Facebook was the new thing and now Twittter and Instagram are popular among most.  This article called “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do,” talks about going from this quick obsession to wanting to call it quits.. kind of like some relationships!  One part even quotes, “But trying to end your relationship with some prominent online services can be like breaking up with an overly attached romantic parter — they make it pretty hard to say goodbye.”



For a lot of the sites even if you get the guts to delete your account, it’s pretty difficult and most of your information will never be suspended or deleted.  I know it was a big deal earlier this year when their were big talks about how Facebook will forever have hold of your content.. pretty scary idea!  But sites like Reddit claim that if their users want to delete their account they should be able to do so just as easily as they signed up.  For them, one of the founders says, “It puts the onus on us to keep delivering a great product, and not retaining users simply because they can’t find the exit.”

One of the most popular addictive sites of our time is obviously Facebook.  Because most people usually don’t stick to their guns Facebook offers a 14 day trial period to start up your account before it is permanently deleted and an option to “deactivate” your account so that you can come crawling back once you realize you can’t leave without it.  Before you call it quits with Facebook you have to give a reason ranging from not knowing how to understand how to use the site, or I spend too much time using it.  I am definitely prone to the latter.  I’ve thought of deleting my account several times but I can admit I never really went through with it.  I know it is a big distraction but I don’t think I am as addicted as I can be.  Then again, it does serve as a huge distraction.  My roommates and I used to change each other’s passwords during midterms and finals so that we could focus and wouldn’t be tempted to have a wandering eye.  It’s kinda crazy how addictive these sites can be and how we are the ones who feed into it!


3 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. I have also thought of deleting my facebook multiple times, but never went through with it. If i didn’t love procrastinating so much, i probably would of got rid of it a long time ago lol. I might try to the password change idea.

  2. That password change idea is genius, I felt the need to say. Though, they definitely do make it difficult to delete the account. I would feel very uncomfortable if I deleted my Facebook, but new that my information didn’t go away as well, and continued floating around on the internet.

  3. It’s funny because all the sites that were mentioned are things I either frequent not very often or at all. I usually forget to check my Facebook unless a friend badgers me; Twitter I don’t even have an account, though I check some celebrity tweets from time to time; Google+ I do not understand and get annoyed when its windows pop up; and LinkedIn…never went on that site, though the name is quite popular.

    I guess Tumblr is the only site I frequent to a level of procrastination concerning my work. I guess I prefer less personal venues to communicate with others. If I ever do delete my slightly neglected Facebook account, I can say that I am not anticipating experiencing what you described in the last paragraph!

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