Changing International Beauty Standards

Internationally, it has always been known that beauty standards were different in almost every country. Some even had views on what was beautiful such as being overweight and having stretch marks like in Mortania. However, these beauty standards are becoming less exclusive and more openly affected by Western beauty standards and views.
Speaking on an international level, the problem of conforming to one beauty standard of very exclusive features that are almost unattainable, is no longer exclusive to Americans, or even just the West. Ever since the ideas of the west have been globalized the rise of plastic surgeries and alterations in one’s image have risen all over the globe. The identity of beauty has been changed and the satisfaction level of women’s bodies have decreased. In korea for example, female students are given “eyelid glue” or tape, to change their eye shapes and get double eyelids instead of mono-lids, which most Asians have mono-lids instead of double. There is also the pressure of always staying slim and to lose weight. In Fiji, beauty standards are completely different than they were prior to the globalized ideas of the west. After the introduction of television to the Fiji natives in the late 1950‘s and the Western media, eating disorders and dissatisfaction of young teenagers arouse. The difference between the subjects was the time of exposure to television . It is now almost a known thought that women viewing more slender women are always feeling inferior because these women are idolized but now it is apparent that this is the way that one feels globally more than ever. The image of beauty of the west is being applied to many different regions in the world. It is not just a problem of the west but the world as a whole is becoming close to one another and with the rise of new technologies this exchange of beauty and ideologies is becoming easier than ever before.

Now there is not just the exposure of television, but also the internet and the globalization of almost every major European brand, that selects for a lot of their marketing slender models that are internationally campaigning for these brands, no matter where the region. A few of these brands will have some Asians, and African American models, but for the most part even these models are very slim and their images are altered no matter what. It is basically the same problem but on a bigger scale, since the natives are compared to the Westerners ideals of beauty, and these advertisements are telling them that “ this is beautiful” and showing the product on a white model who happens to be slim, blonde, and blue eyed most of the time.
With the rise of these beauty standards, celebrities often are accepted to have had some kind of plastic surgery to their debut and even afterwards or at least photoshopped images, especially in Asia. Then these celebrities who are Asian are idolized and their beauty standards are also unreachable, since they have been altered in some way shape or form which leads to even bigger dilemmas to the young teenaged girls that idolize these females.

The problem is not applied on a national ore local level anywhere, but that these uniform beauty standards are almost spread everywhere and it has become a global problem.


2 thoughts on “Changing International Beauty Standards

  1. My roommate is from South Korea and was telling me about how just about everyone and their mother gets plastic surgery. I couldn’t believe it, she said it was very cheap and socially accepted in order to feel beautiful. She informed me that her mom visited South Korea last summer and went under the knife for an eye lift. She said she had no idea her mom was getting this procedure done, it was just a spur of the moment kind of thing. I was still in a state of shock. If I was getting any permanent procedure done, it would definitely not be a spur of the moment kind of thing. I would take the time to find the right doctor, research, and think about if I really want this. I was really interested in what she was telling me so I researched online and watched a video from VICE about it. Like you said, this is a global problem as people from all over the world are feeling pressured to be beautiful.

  2. It’s sad that girls feel the need to do this in other parts of the world, when I know plenty of people who admire the appearance of people in other countries, and would much rather look like them. I suppose it is just a part of that age old idea that you want to be what you are not. This is not true of all females, of course, as there are plenty who do not give into the pressure of media or need to look different or better and are happy with their looks.

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