Editing Content

It is interesting that normal or average citizens can always find ways to bring about the close quality of video and entertainment to viewers online as the normal broadcasting channels. I feel that became allowed with the advent use of the internet, one of the greatest methods and forms of media that we use today on a daily basis. Using the internet and the impact this form of media has had on society is tremendous. Through the use of the internet it provided a gateway to all users to be able to express themselves and be active users instead of passive users.
Today with internet users are allowed to have their opinions and viewers shared with others in a space that is not constricted with the official media through blogs. Sometimes even the official media asks the users to give their opinions and comments on an article or an issue as opposed to the previous model of media where the information flowed one way only where the reader or the viewer would consume the information and there was little feedback, or none at all. What is interesting is that the user now gets the information for free or little amounts of money, which is reason as to why some old media forms are threatened or dying because of the use of the newer forms of media like the internet.
One can see how strong the use of these social media networks was in the 2011 revolutionary movements in the Middle East, which was especially led by Facebook and Twitter users in this region. It shows just how active citizens could be and what kind of strength it gives individuals.

Not only does it allow ones to connect better on a social level,get entertainment and news, and aid revolutionary movements, but it also puts a greater risk of other problems such as editing components of videos or censoring certain infromation. They do so in order to let others see what is not there( most of the time their opinions), something that they want others to feel hate towards someone, which ends up ruining others careers, like in the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Shirely Sherrod’s case. She was making a speech at the NAACP about how she did not want to help a white family to keep their farm because they were in debt, but later on states that she helped the family, and put aside her thoughts of discrimination.

The clip was edited to only show the part about her talking badly about the white family and her not wanting to help them. It was used as a proof of Sherrod being racist, and she was forced to resign, even if she was innocent.  Even if has done nothing wrong and no harm to anyone, she was still forced to resign.
This is problematic since anyone could do this, not just a network or a professional. There are daily editing of images and videos around the internet using Adobe Photoshop and other methods. This leaves us questioning what are the consequences of such power. They make one wonder how will there be control over the internet, when it is ever changing and an almost unrestricted field. The only restrictions that were recently imposed were privacy laws regarding copy righted and pirated materials, but other laws regarding the previously discussed issues have not been imposed yet.

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