Don’t Let Him Go!


There was a very disturbing report that came out last night that Apple may looking for a new CEO in lieu of how bad the company has been doing of late.  Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple took over for Steve Jobs after his untimely death in October 2011.  Cook has been doing a great job running the company since, albeit stock investors who keep giving Apple terrible reviews, and die hard fans who can’t stand the company without Jobs.  But is the company really without Steve Jobs?

Apple, both fortunately, and unfortunately is still living under the shadow of Steve Jobs.  Not one product or service that has been announced or released has not been worked on by the late Jobs.  His influence is still very very much with the company, and that is what is hurting them right now.

This is Tim Cook’s company, and he is leading them in the most important time ever for Apple.  For the first time in years, Apple has competition everywhere and the very length of their innovation is being put to the test.  But the company can not be revitalized by Tim Cook until all the influence of Steve Jobs is gone.  But don’t get me wrong, I am the first person to come to the aid of Jobs and how incredible he was, but he’s not alive anymore, and a company can not be run by a dead person.

Tim Cook is trying, and making strides by firing Scott Forstall, who was Steve Jobs’s top designer and advisor.  But as of late, Apple’s software design has been looking stale, and has been rapidly falling behind the competition.  In the only major move Cook has made since being CEO, he fired Forstall and rearranged the rest of the top Apple advisors.  SInce this Apple has been quiet, not releasing anything, and having no news come out of Cupertino on what is going on.  This can only mean that we can expect something big.

It’s not fair to Cook that someone, somewhere thought it was ok to publish a post that he was on the way out.  I would say to give the guy the summer.  He has just restructured all of the top executives and now let’s see if he can fix Apple.  Yes, the company is sinking, and falling quite fast right now.  But Apple has some big things up it’s sleeve, all courtesy of Tim Cook.  Just as Steve Jobs had the same opportunity in the early 2000’s to right Apple, Cook deserves the same.


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