Affect of Technology on Citizens

With the new forms of media arising, their affect on our society are more than one could imagine. The fact is that the disappearance of the newspaper is not only due to the new rising of blogs, websites, and social networking websites that provide users with the newest news, but also the mobility of using the new technology such as the ipads and smart phones.
Instead of buying the news papers everyday users log online to see everything that they need, they could possibly be getting better information and are able to give their feedback on such subjects using these devices that they can use anywhere at their touches, literally.
I think these devices for media not only makes it easier for users to access news online, but they can socialize anytime with their friends and family. As to no one’s surprise regular cellphones are hardly being sold in cellphone providing companies anymore, smart phones are where it is at. However, one is forced to use smart-phones with internet only, otherwise one cannot purchase the phone itself, at least with cellphone providers such as Verizon wireless.
The benefits of the usage of these devices is not only the power to access information easily, but it also allows users to access different forms of media such as books, music, and games. These entertainment forms that are provided to their users at such an easy access acts as way that shapes society even more than ever before. However, with the rise of such technology the users are also at harm, especially tweens and teens. Teens are more likely to be bullied now more than ever with cyber bullying and “sexting”, in which the teenagers send each other text messages and sometimes these messages are then forwarded to other students in the same school or even neighboring schools.
It is hard to control media like this, especially the ipad, because it has no boundaries that can be set, such as a computer or television where you can block certain content from being shown on one’s internet service or certain programs, with the free wireless services in different settings. It is so much easier to access anything that they want whether that be age appropriate or not. However, on a cellphone there is a way that parents can monitor their children’s text messages. For example, the parents can have a certain setting where every text message sent and received on their child’s cellphone would be sent to their computer so they would be able to view everyone of these text messages. However, it is invading their child’s privacy to the utmost extent which could result in a backlash against what the parent is trying to do.
In addition to having all of these capabilities, the ipad and smart-phones have cameras and microphones that can take pictures and record HD videos. This allows for anything to be recorded whether that be beneficial or scandalous. This also allows for normal citizens to be able to do their own kind of investigative journalism on a certain level. However this can be harmful on many levels with the teen bullying mentioned above. This could also help the media where information and content is always sent in from average citizens.

These devices have such a great affect on society that there are places that are try to cater to the person’s devices to use them, such as fee Wi-Fi. Society is no longer the same with these devices on many levels whether how it affects the media production or the receiving of this information. I think this is positive in many ways. It at least keeps individuals active on certain levels and people are a lot less passive compared to the past, prior to having these devices.


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