Everybody I’m sure has been keeping up with the news the last week or so regarding the Boston Marathon bombings.  It is all completely crazy and I still can’t believe it happened.  It brought me right back to that feeling when we were younger when 9/11 occurred and that sense of the fear of the unknown.  It all kind of just reminds me of a crazy movie.  The news has been flooded across television, radio, newspapers and social networking sites.  While I was looking online, I came across this article that features Tim Jones, who is the chief executive of Buzzient who not only runs this social media management company but is also an explosives expert, which I found kind of interesting.

When the bombs went off in Boston on Monday, almost every single person rushed to help instead of turning away to save themselves.  Besides all of these good samaritans, law enforcement and medical personnel a Boston area social media management start up also wanted to come to rescue.  Jones, the chief executive offered the services of his company and their ability to search internet histories, forums, comments and social media focusing on certain topics, ie. explosives.  Following the events this company put out a tweak in his company’s searches to target any talk about the bombings, or explosives.  I know personally, I found out about everything that was going on because someone made a Facebook status and the news was all over Twitter.  People are constantly talking about these events and these kind of programs helped to filter out any future threats or moves made by the suspects.  I was glued to my TV watching all of the coverage when it happened and then all day Saturday when things came to light.  It is crazy how much technology contributed to and is essentially the way they were able to capture the two men. In the beginning of the article it was just talking about how so quickly everyone just wanted to help.  Amongst all the evil in the world, it is so nice to see the good in most.

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