Ultra Day 3!

We’re finally here, the third and last day of Ultra!

It was sad waking up to the fact that the best weekend of my life was coming to an end. The event started out at 12 PM and ended at 11 PM. Honestly, when I woke up to get ready for another day packed with music I was scared. I was beat and extremely exhausted. The previous days wore me out and I felt like staying at home.

We got there and walked around again, going to different stages to see a bit of what was going on. We went to see Krewella at the Live Stage while waiting for some of our other friends to arrive to see Alesso at Space Ibiza.

Krewella‘s music was a bit calmer than the other previous videos I posted, they had actual lyrics!

Krewella @ Ultra 2013

Krewella @ Ultra 2013

Krewella playing one of my favorites by them, Alive!

By the time my friends got there, we only had around half an hour left to see Alesso.

Alesso @ Ultra 2013

Alesso @ Ultra 2013

Alesso‘s huge hit Calling, I’m pretty sure all of you have heard this song blasting from some house on College Ave.

We went to Ultra Chile to see Flosstradamus afterwards.

Part of their set.

WE DID THE HARLEM SHAKE!!!!!! It was about time someone dropped the Harlem Shake. I was waiting for this the entire weekend.

After seeing Flosstradamus, we went back to the Main Stage to see Steve Aoki. IT WAS AMAZING. AMAZING! Steve Aoki killed it with Turbulence and Beat Down.

When Turbulence feat. Lil Jon came on, it went crazy.

Steve Aoki @ Ultra 2013

Steve Aoki @ Ultra 2013

Beat Down and Steven Aoki caked people.. I swear he’s crazy. I would’ve been extremely mad if ANYONE threw a cake in my face.

After Steve Aoki’s set finished, we stayed at the Main Stage and moved even closer to the stage to see Zedd‘s set. His set was amazing, I’ve sure a lot of you have heard Clarity on the radio!

A part of his set: Clarity, MercyNiggas in Paris, Internet Friends and….. Harlem Shake (round two!!!!)

This was so cool he played the Legend of Zelda song!

Zedd @ Ultra 2013

Zedd @ Ultra 2013

We stayed at the Main Stage for awhile to see Bassnectar, but we were so close and his beats and drops were too overwhelming we had to step out. It felt like my heart was going to pop out of my mouth. So we went back to Space Ibiza stage to see Tiesto for a bit before going back to the Main Stage to see Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren.

Armin van Buuren @ Ultra 2013

Armin van Buuren @ Ultra 2013

Those three days were easily the best days I’ve ever had. I was having a love affair with Miami. I started out my spring break earlier than everyone. This was by far the most spontaneous and fun thing I’ve ever done with friends. Going off to Miami without family?! HELL YES. I left to Miami on Thursday, had three amazing days filled with 30 hours of music AND by the time I got back to New York, I still had a whole week of spring break. I was mindblown. Those three days felt like an entire spring break.



Does anyone else here listen to EDM? Any of you going to see Alesso at the RAC on April 19th??


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