Thoughts on my final project

As I started my independent project I began to wonder about how I should go about making posts.  Should I just sit down, write, and post? Or should contemplate an idea, mull over it, write a draft, then come back to edit, and finally post? Blogs posts are supposed to be spontaneous, but I don’t see that being the direction that I take with my own final project.  I want a professional feel for the site because it is about health and improving a person’s life.  I want the advice that I give or write on the site to be something a random person can trust and follow without ever having met me.  However, I do not want the posts to be forced at the same time. They should be authentic and relating to something that I feel connected to at the time that I post it.  It is not something that I want to bull shit.  Now I am not a writer by nature, but I have something that I would like to share.

The think about the internet and blogs is that you do not have to be a writer to be important enough to publish a post that others would be willing to read.  You don’t need an editor or a publisher or lots of money either.  You don’t have to be famous in order for your work to become famous. But, I believe that you do have to have a plan, organization, structure, and discipline for others to be interested in what you have to say.

This is why I need to decide before I start writing how I am going to go about it.  One step that I think is important is writing down random thoughts that I have during the day or random aspects of health that I come across.  Buying a small notepad that I can jot down ideas that I would otherwise forget it can help bring interesting new topics to my site.  The ideas written in this notepad need to be researched further and expanded upon.  Once that has been done, I can decide if this is really something worth sharing.  Posts should be noteworthy, and not something just meant to pass the time.

After doing the research and learning more about the topic,  then I can write down and save a draft of the post.  The following day, I will reread revise and publish it.  Additionally, I need to make sure that the references that I use for research are legitimate sources.  This I believe is the best way for me to go about writing my post for a site that I want to maintain after this class ends.

Initially getting followers will be a more difficult task most certainly.  Besides for ensuring that there is quality content on the site, I need to take other steps to engage readers.  There is no point in publishing posts that are not read especially since the purpose of my blog is too help others live a healthier life.  Therefore, additionally I want to make a twitter account and Facebook page associated with my blog.  This may be something that is done after the class ends and I have actual posts on the blog.  I can reach out to more people this way.  Moreover next year, I can get other medical students involved with my site. They can share the site and improve it by adding new thoughts.  Also, more frequent posts mean more followers that will stay interested in the site.  These are just some my ideas for making sure that my blog is as successful in reaching out to as many people as possible.  Do you have any ideas or suggestions that can help me in my quest?  Any suggestions at all would be helpful.


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