Apple Has Lost It’s Lust

Today is a sad day on planet earth.  For the first time in three years, Apple stock has dropped below $400 a share.  At this time last year Apple stock was barely over $400 a share but the tune was a little different then since the stock seemed to be rising at an exponential pace with no signs of stopping.  But then it did.

Around September, October of last year it seemed that Apple could not be stopped.  The stock was rising faster than ever, well over $700 a share and they were releasing products and services at rapid fire.  But that was then, and this is now.

After Apple overhauled almost every product in it’s arsenal last year it became apparent that they had lost their touch, and the once glistening Apple had lost it’s shine.  Apple had lost their innovation that had made them famous, and has become predictable.  I can sit here confidently right now and tell you with 90% certainty what the next iPhone is going to be.  Not because I have inside information but because since the iPhone 3GS the average person can pretty easily predict what the next iPhone will look like.

Thinner… Lighter… Faster…

Three words that have become synonymous with basically every iPhone and every Apple product.  But is there something wrong with that? No… But there certainly isn’t anything right with it either.  The next iPhone will be at least two of those three things and one more feature, just like the iPhone 4S was an iPhone 4 with faster processor, better camera, and Siri.  Every iPad also seems to get lighter and faster.  Apple has started their own predictable trend and people are starting to lose interest.  Even Apple die hards such as myself.  I will still watch every product announcement, and probably buy most of the products, and without a doubt they will be a lot better than the previous generation, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not disappointed with them.

Apple needs to find its footing again.  And yes I understand that this will be no easy task, especially with increased competition from Samsung and Google, but this is no excuse to fall into this lame product cycle.  Apple usually wows me every year, and it makes me proud to be an Apple fanboy, but pretty soon that is going to stop.  Every year I get less and less excited to be an Apple lover, and this year especially is no different.  

So I guess what I am saying is more of a plea than a call to arms.  This can be done Apple, and I am begging you to regain your footing, because then, hands down, Apple will be the best tech company in the world.


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