What Would Someone Say About You In 140 Characters Or Less?

This isn’t an ordinary question. No one asks you this when they first meet you they’re more likely to say “tell me more about yourself” but they’ll never limit to how much they want to hear about you. Or so I thought. But this question was actually on an application for a marketing position that I was applying for a couple of weeks ago.


My first instinct when I saw this question on the application was to smile. This isreally a question? It seemed silly and then it didn’t. What I mean by this is, it sounds like a silly question to ask to those who neither use Twitter to their full advantage nor understand the power of it. But in reality, this may be one of the smartest things employers can ask students applying for jobs now.

Twitter is a great site for its users. Let me explain. 

Yes, it allows people to share tidbits of their likes, dislikes, and interests to the world. But Twitter is mainly a strategic game. People try to market their brand efficiently using Twitter because they can use hashtags that can filter their content, they know people read their TwitterFeed,and they know that if they produce interesting content, more people will be inclined to follow the brand; on twitter and in the real world.


Marketing strategists try to get a lot of “favorites” or “retweets” on their content. And let’s face it, we’re all trying to market something out there to people. But when someone retweets something you post, it’s a great feeling. But are they retweeting because they’re familiar with the article you provided a link to, or because of the crafty way you presented it.


Either way, it shows that you have produced something that others find interesting or even humorous. It not only shows the way you think, but how you think the way you do.  To retweet, you have to produce something “tweetable,” such as “be interesting and be interested if you want a second date.” And that’s what the employer was looking for in asking that question. Something worthy to retweet.

Since we’re in the digital age now, it’s important to produce content online. But after reading Growing Up Digital with Distractions, where many people in the digital world are being distracted by all the things the Internet has to offer, it’s not only important to learn to produce content, but to produce short, eye-catching content.


That’s why when an employer asks, “what would someone say about you in 140 characters or less?” they do not want a short description of your bio. They want to see how well you can produce content that can be etched in their memory.

That is why communication and conversations are becoming short amongst most people. Whenspeaking, should we be speaking in our Twitter lingo? When giving speeches should we say catchy phrases in 140 characters or less?

I attended a conference where there were speakers talking about whatever topic they chose to present. At the end, I followed some keynote speakers on Twitter and apparently people who attended the conference tweeted key phrases that these speakers said since it was short, catchy, and something that they will never forget.


This is the importance of Twitter and communication in general. Whatever you say has to basically become tweetable.

One thought on “What Would Someone Say About You In 140 Characters Or Less?

  1. I think the question that they asked at the interview was a very creative one. It shows that they are looking for a different set of qualities than companies used to look for before twitter and social media became such an important aspect of businesses. And not only are they looking for someone who is able to help market the company, but someone who can keep up to date with the today’s world. Like you said the twitter is not only changing the way we market, but it is changing the way we communicate in general.

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