To Case, or Not To Case


This is something that I’ve long struggled with, and I want to know what you guys think about it, and that is whether to use cases or not on my devices.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve owned every iPhone and iPad, as well as countless iPods, Macs, and other devices.  One thing I always wonder is whether I should put a case on the device or not.  I’ve struggled the most on this with my phone.  To me at least, I think the iPhone is beautiful, and one of the best looking devices ever made, along with most of the products that Apple makes.  So why would I want to put a case on that or cover it up?  Simply put, I don’t want anything to happen to them because they are so beautiful.  But then of course by putting a case on for protection then it ruins how good looking the phone is, just so it stays that way… But if I’m not going to be looking at it because it is in a case, what’s the point?

I definitely understand the protection point, because no one wants to drop there phone and see it break so a case will protect it.  The downside to me for that is how thick and heavy it makes the phone and how ugly the cases generally are.  They seriously look like Crayola crayons.

Other people put shells on their phones as “reflections of their personality.”  I love looking at these cases because they are always awesome, and people usually pick cool ones.  The downside here is they provide no protection whatsoever, and usually make the phone uncomfortable and don’t fit well.

There is no right or wrong answer to this.  I’ve had a case for all my phones and iPads and usually wind up taking them off and on every other day for different reasons.  Computers I always have a carrying case but an actual shell case… Making your computer look like a lollipop is just dumb, and there is no argument there.  So please, let me know in the comments what you think, do you use a case on your devices, and if so why or why not, and what kind.

2 thoughts on “To Case, or Not To Case

  1. So after destroying pretty much every phone I ever had, I finally got insurance on my new Galaxy s3 when it first came out. Unlike the iPhone, my phone is quite large and I absolutely love it basically because of how awesome the screen is. Sooo if my screen ever cracked, I’d be really sad. The insurance though, covered this worry that I had of the screen cracking or of the phone breaking in general, so I didn’t really see a need to use a phone case–if the phone broke, I could just get it fixed or get a new one, no big deal. However, I have slight OCD and hated seeing scratches on the back/sides of my phone. As a result, I got a phone case. I like my phone to be clean and protected, even if I do have insurance. Also, like you mentioned, I love phone cases because of how much personality some of them have. You can really tell a lot about a person from the kind of cell phone case they have. Mine is pink and it’s awesome.

    • I used to have a case for my phone for protection in my favorite color. But after putting my phone in my pocket, purse, and wherever else my phone might be I noticed that it was just getting uncomfortable and annoying to have it on. I took the case off and yes I dropped it a couple times (nothing major) but some phones are built for that. So currently, I don’t have a case on mine (I do have a screen protection slip though) but I am also very careful with my phone by nature anyways. Hope this helps!

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