Cameras, internet and scandals

it is no secret that in today’s society, thanks to youtube, vimeo , facebook and keek, our most intimate moments can now be broadcasted to the world. I can’t get over how much I love watching the Youtube videos of def people experiencing the results of their auditory surgeries; the look in their face as they experience the sound of their loved ones’ voices for the first time.

as beautiful as moments like these are to share, there is also the not-so-gracious acts which unfortunately not only happen, but are displayed for the whole world to see. 
just look at more recent news;Manti teo catfished, football players post their “deeds” on facebook and Mike Rice’s behavior is exposed to the world outside Rutgers.
whereas just a few years ago, any scandal of this kind would have remained in-house, it is now blatantly obvious that no matter where or who you are, you can never wipe your past from a scandal, especially one encrypted on the internet for eternity.
whereas Manti teo’s “mishap” may have been an innocent occurrence, the Steubenville “boys” acts” were malicious and shows “areas of opportunity” in society , especially regarding our youth. Mike Rice. Oh geez.As soon As that name was read an opinion was formed; but regardless of what you think of his behavior this newest scandal in Rutgers history is a perfect example of what happens when something that was never supposed to be seen by outsiders is exposed and with it exposes those who did not expose it. 
Let us take a second to entertain these stories a bit further.
For some reason Manti’s gullibility made me feel somewhat  sympathetic for this stranger,  a professional football player, who probably could have any woman he wanted, falls in love with an inexistent entity over the internet. He is not the first nor the last person to be hoaxed in this way though; humans will always find a way to get negative uses out of everything, the internet is no exception.
about Mike rice?just type “Rutgers” on your favorite search engine. that is all.
the Steubenville high school football players. seriously wtf is wrong with society? first, where are these kids parents? If there is a handful of people around them at a party and they clearly see the drunken girl being fondled, it would be expected that at least one would step up to stop the madness. regardless of the athletes’ “football god” status, there has to be some sense of morality and humanity in SOMEONE , somewhere…but somehow, a child was still raped, and children still proceeded to blast it to their closest 500 friends and family over the internet.
excuse me while i take this toke and forward a selfie to the cops. 
if you are going to commit a crime as serious as rape, why in the world would you  air it for the whole world to see? it’s not okay to rape or take advantage of anyone, under any circumstance or scenario on god’s green earth. to then one, ridicule this child who did not realize she had even been abused until the next day; two, show how fucked up your sense of morality is and three, humiliate your entire family tree and show how shitty of a job they did at trying to instill any sense of righteousness in you is just absurd and inexcusable. 
none of the involved will ever live down this night. The victim’s trauma can only be compared to those of other rape victims, though hopefully she will be able to recover, the pain of abuse never fully leaves a soul. As for the boys, forget the fact they will never fulfill their promising future as football professionals; the label of sex offenders will be tattooed on them  for the rest of the time they spend above ground, and even after. 

One thought on “Cameras, internet and scandals

  1. You hit on some really important points in this post. I have never really thought about how the internet is going to impact us as a society in a moral sense. Those kids thought it was okay to do that because they were football players or because the people in their town would not care about it since they were popular football players. Whatever the case might have been, they felt comfortable with what they did. If they were telling others about it on social media sites, then they did not regret what they did or feel guilty about it. Their environment allowed them to feel this way, but now their environment is no longer the small little town. Their environment has changed to include the whole world and suddenly a less biased view what occurred is finally getting to them. And this is same for the mike rice case as well. I wonder how our moral attitude will change over the years as the world can and will suddenly form an opinion on anything and everything.

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