Lawsuits Hurt Us, But Should They?


It’s no secret to anyone no that lawsuits are funning ramped in the technology world.  Companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon, Facebook, and countless others have just been suing each other’s pants off in the last few years.  These lawsuits do something but hurt people and consumers especially.

Technology used to be pretty simple, when one company invents something, everyone else copies it, or improves on it.  This is called competition.  This seems easy that competition is good for consumers because it improves the technology we get, but with the lawsuits in recent years, consumers have been nothing but hurt.

The most famous case in recent memory is between Samsung and Apple where Apple was awarded $1 billion, even though that may be changed later.  This case is a prime example how the years of competition have died and now all companies want to do is grow independently from each other.  For those who are not familiar with the case, Apple sued Samsung over their line of Galaxy phones saying that they are direct copies of the iPhone.  I don’t want to get too much into the case but I watched and followed the entire thing and it was apparent that Samsung had in fact copied Apple, and the court saw it the same way since Apple was awarded the win.

But this is not about the outcome of the case, but rather what has happened because of the case.  The major $1 billion win by Apple in court showed the rest of the tech industry that innovation can no longer be copied and improved but designed from the ground up.  Although very cliche all I could think was that technology was going to suck from here on out, and so far I have been right.

A few years ago technology was moving faster than ever, and it looked like the sky was the limit.  One company would release a new feature, and another would make it better, forcing the original creator of the technology to rework it.  And the winners in all of this intense competition, was us.  Consumers made out better than everyone and we were getting products and services that were being improved everyday.  Sadly though, that time has past. All companies are concerned about now is being sued by other companies and just frankly it’s sad.  All I want to say to Tim Cook and some of the other CEO’s is get over it.  You made something great, and they made it better… So go back to the drawing board and make it even better, instead of just calling your lawyers on speed dial.

One thought on “Lawsuits Hurt Us, But Should They?

  1. I agree with you on some of the points that are made in this post. On the one hand companies should be able to patent what they have made, but at the same time those companies needed the ideas of other people usually to put it all together. Just like in art and music, technology builds on former and older technology. It is never entirely new or original. I think that courts should also think about this when patents are made, but unfortunately, the precedent has already been set for patents. Now, companies like apple can have a monopoly because of the patents they put on their devices. In turn, we all end up paying large sums of money for the devices that could be much cheaper otherwise.

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