No More Maps While Driving?! What Else Can’t I do?!?!


I was reading the news online again the other day and I stumbled upon something absurd that ofcourse has come out of the state of California.  California is always famous for making the dumbest rules regarding technology.  More recently this has allowed driver-less cars on the road as well as really stupid laws involving cell phones.

The law passed last week was that you can no longer use your phone for maps while driving.  This is absolutely absurd!!!  One of the main thing that I use my phone for is navigation, and it’s one of the best features that smartphones have these days.  To have constantly updated maps and traffic is very important to navigation and makes for a seamless and easy driving experience.So why take that away?  What is different about the GPS unit that a phone doesn’t have, why is one safe but not the other.  What I have found is that California just does not have a good explanation for any of this and it’s extremely aggravating that a state things that they can just make crazy laws like this.

In an effort to what the state things is making drivers on the road safer, it’s actually more dangerous.  I attach my iPhone through the bluetooth in my car every time I am in it, and there is no safer and betteImageouldn’t even want to think about the consequences.  Always tying to unsuccessfully work the darn thing while I was driving.

I hope this severely backfires in the face of the California legislation, forcing them to change the law!

One thought on “No More Maps While Driving?! What Else Can’t I do?!?!

  1. I do not think that they will change the law because there is no real way for it to backfire unless the citizens of California are actually rally against it. Did you do any research to see why they made the law in the first place? Are a significant number of accidents due to the fact the people are trying to use their smartphones while driving?? Also, you need to take into consideration that even though you use your phone in a safe way with bluetooth, not everyone does.

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