So….Wait…Erm…What? Why Is This a Perfect Example of Youtube?

So, if you did not know the background of this story, basically a father hacked into a copy of Donkey King and switched Mario and Pauline around so that the main protagonist was now the female character saving the male character. It was not an act of feminism, but simply the fact that his daughter had asked why she couldn’t play as the girl. It was a very innocent request, However, once this became popular news and footage surfaced of the game play on YouTube, it seemed like the denizens of the internet had a panic attack.

As you can hear in the video, these are real comments left by real people on the video. The innocence of doing something nice for his daughter is complete obliterated when these people decide that they should be angry or call out that poor man’s intentions. I find it astounding some the responses that can be heard on this video, yet I am surprised. YouTube has become a breeding ground for trolls who have nothing better to do that berate and critique an individual’s creativity. As much as I hate to admit it, this is how the internet is now. I just wish that things would not be like this. I wish that the internet could be a safe place where innovative people were appreciated rather than harassed for simply doing a good deed.

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