Putting Social Media Networks to Good Use !


My uncle Carlos Serrano, better known as Empanada Guy knows how to use social media networks.  He has his own business of producing his own empanadas.  He started off 10 years ago out of his home.  Little by little his product would get around.  He began to produce empanadas and sell them to friends, family, and anyone who would like to buy them.  He then began to see to restaurants in New Jersey.  With the introduction of social media networks he was able to start selling to people all over New Jersey.

His main social media network is FaceBook.  Since he has been using FaceBook people all over the country have been introduced to his product and his fan-base has grown immensely.  He has been given opportunities to go to different states to market his product.  He holds contests to give some empanadas away, sometimes has special offers on them, and gets to communicate with his fans.  Not only does he sell empanadas to restaurants and deliver them to his customers homes, he now has a food truck and sells his product on the road.  He uses Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram and lets his fans and customers know where he is going to be with his truck.Image

He also likes to use YouTube and put out videos showing people what he does best.  This is another way that he can connect with his customers and give them what they want.  His fans also make videos of their own telling him how much they love his product.  Ever since the introduction of social media networks my uncle’s business has really grown.  He knows how to put social media networks to good use.  Someone who started a little business out of his home has made his product known throughout the country.Image


One thought on “Putting Social Media Networks to Good Use !

  1. This is really cool. I was wondering did you uncle’s business become successful because of his use of social media or was it successful originally and then social media helped it grow even more?? Either way he is really making great use of the resources that he has. I think that social media like youtube, twitter, facebook is better for business that want to reach to the average person and caters to their everyday lives such as restaurants and such. I wonder if lawyers, police officers, and other professional find it as useful or if it mostly just benefits places that sell products instead of services?

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