Illegal to Use Smartphone Maps While Driving

A California judge has ruled that using a map or GPS app behind the wheel qualifies as distracted driving, just like texting.

A California court just passed a law banning the use of phone map’s while driving. The offense is equivalent to a ticket one would receive for texting or talking on the phone while driving. As someone that considers themselves ‘direction-ally impaired’ I might have an issue if this law was adopted in New Jersey (which it very well could be in the near future). It is safe to say that I would be lost every time I drove anywhere new or foreign. Being that I am a broke college student, I don’t drive one of those fancy cars with the built in navigation systems. Therefore, I heavily rely on my GPS app, Waze. Waze is the greatest navigation app I’ve found…and, get this, its free! It alerts drivers if there’s a cop, red light camera, or even a pot hole spotted by other drivers; it calculates new routes and shows nearby gas prices, along with an option to view restaurants and retail stores in your area or on your route. The best part about using my Waze app on my iPhone is the fact that I saved a bunch of money in comparison to buying my own GPS which could end up running me hundreds of dollars. 

And now courts are trying to take that away from me??? I understand the risk factor that comes along with the use of these mobile navigation apps; however, isn’t the same risk still there with portable and built-in car GPS’? Of course, there’s always the disclaimer when your device is turned on saying that “you may not operate this device while driving..its dangerous..blah blah blah.” But who really obeys this advice? In theory, I’d like to say I don’t use my GPS while I’m driving, but that would just be a lie. With this being said, I am not too worried about this law being passed in California. I don’t use my phone while driving unless its a necessity, and I’m always looking for cops and watching my surroundings. This may be true for me, but there are just too many people that are reckless and don’t take others and their own safety into consideration, and for the existence of those people, laws like this will continue to be passed affecting people that they don’t necessarily need  to affect.

2 thoughts on “Illegal to Use Smartphone Maps While Driving

  1. I saw this on the news the other day! I don’t know what I would do if they passed a law like that here.. I’m someone who is constantly getting lost I rely probably way too heavily on my navigation. But of course, it is on my iPhone. I completely agree that there are people that abuse this. Sometimes when I’m in the car with people, they text and barely even look at the road! Personally, I can’t even text, or do anything while I’m driving because I get way too distracted.

  2. I’d literally be lost if a law like this was passed in New Jersey. Like you, I don’t drive a fancy car with a built in GPS, so I depend on the GPS that’s on my smartphone. My GPS app talks though, so I usually just put it on my lap and listen to the directions it gives me so I guess it’s not all that bad.

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