PepsiCo takes the digital marketing route in India

In the present time, as companies look to compete one another for their products, they look for new incentives and ways to make their products stand out. Digital marketing for many companies has become a key in companies displaying their products to their citizens.

One instance is PepsiCo which has invested much on digital media and it looks for innovative ways for digital marketing in India. It becomes apparent though there are hindrances with digital marketing but if a company can adapt itself and learn from its mistake it has the potential to be very successful.  Gurgaon, in the, Economic Times, states “Learning from mistakes made globally in digital marketing, food and beverage major PepsiCo is adopting innovative methods in India to tap the potential of social media for building brand equity and increase sales”.

As experts depict India is a fine place for digital marketing because it has much potential. “India is a unique place and market. There have been a lot of mistakes made around the world in terms of digital marketing. India does not have to make the same mistakes,” PepsiCo Beverages (Global Head Digital) Shiv Singh. At the same time, when asked about the total spending on Digital marketing, he states, “In case of India, the spends are larger than some markets and lesser than some others but we spend in India both to drive sales and build distribution.”





One thought on “PepsiCo takes the digital marketing route in India

  1. The quote, “Learning from mistakes made globally in digital marketing…” was the most thought-provoking point I came across while reading your post. When I read that I thought about how utterly simple yet under appreciated that statement was. It goes back to the fundamentals of life–don’t repeat other people’s mistakes. Yet, so many people repeatedly make the same mistakes over and over simply because they are not aware. Being aware in a business sense is crucial to obtain the newest successful marketing advantage. Digital marketing has been done by a plethora of companies; therefore there are plenty of things to take from them and adapt to create a newer and better strategy.

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