Did We Really Need More Facebook Apps?

Facebook Announces New Launcher Service For Android Phones

I am on Facebook  In fact, I would be shocked to find a person who has never been part of Facebook from my generation. We grew up in a culture were social media flourished and become mainstream. There are times where I can literally find myself doing absolutely nothing on Facebook, yet I still keep it. I remember when Myspace was popular and I was hesitant to join Facebook. I did not see it becoming as big as it has. I did not like the lack of customization. However, it all won me over in the end and I can remember those early years when Facebook was exciting and new. They had games, groups, pages to like, and all sorts of things that I had never grown to expect from the site. Looking back, I probably wasted far too much time on the site and now I more or less keep it because it is far more convenient in terms of contacting family and friends.

Of all these things that Facebook has done, I have to wonder why I should care about the new apps coming out. From what I have gather the idea is that it turns your android phone into a device that is dedicated to Facebook at all times. I can understand the use for those who truly love the site, but I find that this is just a lazy excuse for not developing their own phone in a market full of crappy phones. For moths we have been hearing news of this elusive and secret “Facebook Phone” and now it is revealed to be called Facebook Home and it is just a bunch of apps that turn your current phone into the Facebook Phone. Maybe I am looking at this from the wrong perspective, but to me this seems unnecessary. Androids and Iphones have standalone Facebook apps already, so why would I want to add more to that list. What is Facebook offering that I cannot obtain through that app to begin with? It makes little sense to me, but maybe you can determine this from some angle that I have yet to see.

3 thoughts on “Did We Really Need More Facebook Apps?

  1. Your post is the first I am hearing about this new Facebook Phone. But right off the bat, I do not like or want it based on the fact that the name is utterly misleading. I like your point about this only being a lazy excuse for Facebook to not develop their own phone. That could be true, but could this Facebook Phone just be the first of many technological inventions for Facebook? The way technology has rapidly developed does not leave me much doubt for what is to come next. Who knows what could come of Facebook..

  2. I’ve heard about this before too. I agree that this is just a lazy excuse for Facebook not to develop their own phone. With the way that everyone is addicted to checking their phones already, I doubt what we need is an entire phone dedicated to Facebook.

  3. I think that this facebook phone is so that people will stay interested in facebook. Honestly, facebook has little to offer in reality because it wastes so much time and makes people depressed because they compare themselves to everyone else. Facebook has become so big that I think that the producers of facebook and everyone who works for it is afraid of what will happen if people actually start using it the way they stopped using myspace. That is always why i think they are always changing the layout even when nothing is wrong with it initially and the layout changes do little to improve the site.

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