On Diigo i just viewed some of the videos and pictures surrounding bullying incidents that occur in elementary, middle, and high schools. Its sickening how kids treat one another. It almost seems like their goal is to break down someone else’s self-esteem to cover their own insecurities. Its unbelievable some of the horror stories some students live to tell, while others have taken their own lives because of the pressure.

In middle school i was one of those bullied. Looking at the situation from a grown perspective, i’ve come to the conclusion that the reasoning behind me being bullied was jealousy. The few girls who bullied me were ugly on the inside and out. They all wore weave and when they exposed their real hair i didn’t reach past their ears…aka they were just some bald-headed birds. Me on the other hand, had long pretty golden brown hair with golden green eyes to match. I think they secretly envied my appearance and wished they looked like me.

Now that sounds extremely conceited, but i am far from that. In middle school who was really worried about their appearance and how they looked? I was more focused on school. I was the quiet girl who never said much, i just smiled all the time. Now that we’re reminiscing, i didn’t even have friends. I had my brother and my cousin who were just a year older than me.

My situation of being bullied never was brutal where it involved any physical altercations. It just entailed verbal abuse from some bald-headed birds chirping. Its sad that now-a-days kids have become meaner and now result to violence, possibly as a result of playing too many video games. bullying_stops_here1

2 thoughts on “Bullies

  1. I think it is insane how bullying has evolved since we were younger, even middle school age. A lot of it has become an even bigger deal since social media became more and more advanced. I didn’t even get a facebook until I was a senior in high school.. I’m a cheerleading coach and most of my girls are elementary school/early middle school age and every single one of them have a Facebook and Instagram. When I see the way they talk to each other and the things they say I am shocked! It’s crazy the lengths people will go to intentionally hurt another person and how much younger its getting!

  2. Well i do not agree with the video game part of your post just because i feel that girls use social media more to bully and probably don’t play violent and gory video games as much as boys do. Instead, i think that bullying has in more common because its so much easier to bully someone from behind a computer screen where you never have to see the reaction of the other person when they read or see what was posted about them. I’m not sure how, but I think that cyberbullying is really an issue that educators, parents, and school officials need to address in order to ensure that kids are safe mentally and emotionally in addition to being physically safe.

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