Pessimistic View on Technology

As I have grown up I have watched technology develop at an astronomically fast speed. Throughout my lifetime I have seen computers shrink in size and become portable. I have seen phones come off the walls and into every single person’s pocket that you see around you. I have also seen books become digital pages and video games become a handheld necessity to avoid boredom. Needless to say, kids nowadays are without-a-doubt growing up differently. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology for everything it grants me in my daily life, but sometimes I just can’t help but catch myself feeling all too pessimistic about technology and its impact on everything around me. I loved the way I grew up… When I went to a friends house, we played outside. When I completed essays to be turned into teachers, I wrote them instead of typing them. When I needed to talk to one of my friends, I called their house phone to see if they could talk. When I needed internet, I heard my mom yell “Don’t be on there too long, I’m expecting a phone call.” The list can go on and on… I may have complained more than necessary when I used to have to deal with the implications of technology, or lack thereof for that matter. But the truth is, I would choose the generation I grew up in any day when given the choice of now or then. Nowadays, I find children extremely anti-social due to their active engagement with technology. Everywhere you look now it is overly common to see a child playing with some type of technology; its as if kids can’t entertain themselves anymore.

I understand completely that in current times there is a need for technology in order to be successful–especially in a business world. However, there is a difference between being proficient with technology and technology running how one dictates their own life.I am not one to constantly be on my phone; I am completely capable of putting my phone down and leaving it be for extended periods of times. But on the other hand, I have become more and more aware of my dependence on my phone recently and I have to say, it scares me. I hate that I can’t start my day until I get the latest fill-in on social media, and I hate that I make myself believe my phone vibrated just to check for supposed messages (we all do it!). I also hate that it is an absolute necessity to have a laptop in order to succeed in school, specifically college. My grandmother always asked me growing up as computers became essential for schoolwork, “What if a student doesn’t have a computer?” I answered her, “Everyone needs a computer or you won’t pass because you can’t do that assigned work.” I do love bringing my laptop to certain classes because it is easier to take notes on, but should it really be a necessity for everyone? Along with bringing my laptop to class to take notes comes other distractions that present themselves right in front of my eyes–the Internet to entertain my boredom for example. Sometimes I just wish I could go back to a simpler time, a time when technology didn’t run the lives of so many people. I often feel technology beginning to dictate my life and I give myself little breaks from it to ensure I don’t let it run my life any more than I have control over. Its all about finding an equal balance with technology, and that’s something I think a lot of people struggle with because of the rapid pace that technology is being produced and gaining importance. 

3 thoughts on “Pessimistic View on Technology

  1. when you said you felt your phone vibrate when it actually didn’t, it reminded me of myself, it feels so real I have even checked my settings to see what I could possibly have on vibrate mode that had to have caused my phone to vibrate; there is no way I imagined that. At the end I always end up coming to the conclusion that I did, in fact, imagine that. curiously enough, this apparently is called “phantom vibration syndrome”, or “vibranxiety”. Basically , we are so used to the vibrations of our phones that our brain anticipates them , “creating a false vibration when any stimulus is experienced”. (Christina Ortiz, Discovery news)

  2. I definitely agree. We’ve all become so dependent on our phones and I often do the same thing when I think my phone is vibrating but it’s actually not! I’m also a babysitter and I find a lot of the time that the kids I watch would rather sit in front of a television screen as opposed to going outside. Completely different from when I was a kid and LOVED being outside!

  3. The technology we have today seems like something fitting only adults. If children today could be kept from it until they were old enough that their brains had developed in the proper way, it would be better. I worry that children these days will not learn to think properly, or close read, or appreciate creating anything (art, school projects, even playing outside). I wish the technology could be kept around, but introduce to children at an age when they have already developed necessary skills.

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