Why Are Tech Companies So Dumb?

classroom technology in english language teaching 2Why are tech companies so dumb?  This may not seem like such a direct question so let me backtrack a bit…

To me and most people at least, technology is about productivity and usefulness.  You want something that is easy to use without a lot of effort and will get the most done.  You want to be able to type a document on one computer and have it available on another one with no effort from you.  You want to be able to look at Facebook through an app on your phone and have it give you information quickly and exactly what you want to see.  So why don’t tech companies do this…

Last week I had to get a new printer cause my last one just stopped working.  I had a warranty so HP sent me there brand new whatever the heck it was called printer.  This new printer was like nothing I had ever seen, it had Facebook and Twitter pre installed, allowed you to post pictures directly to Flickr, and read the New York Times.

Hold up… Did I just say that my PRINTER had all of those things.  You must be absolutely kidding me.  There are a lot of things that I think about that can be improved in a printer, but not ONE was something that was added by HP to my new printer.  How about printing faster, make my ink last longer, something that will actually improve my life.  The ability to read the NYT on my printer does not improve my life at all and actually it’s absurd.  Everyone I have told this story to has given me the same reaction, that these features are absurd in a printer, which makes me wonder… Who the hell at HP thought this was a good idea?!  Why is the 10 seconds a day that I spend looking at my printer now consumed by NYT articles and a twitter feed?

This leads me to my main point about what tech companies are so dumb?  Instead of Facebook making a better app today, or making the features of their website work better, they decided to make a phone OS.  No one wants this!!!  There are rumors going around that Apple and Samsung are going to make “Smart” watches soon.  No one wants that either!

Now I’m not saying that any of these products wouldn’t be cool and totally awesome to show off, but they are ridiculous.  Yes it’s cool that my printer can do all those things, but none of them make my life better.

Technology is already consuming everyone enough, that’s why we need products and services that integrate and work better.  Not more features that make our lives bloated.  Companies are just getting dumb in general.  They should be listening to consumers and planning products and services accordingly, instead of frying our technological lives with bloatware, and unnecessary crap!

2 thoughts on “Why Are Tech Companies So Dumb?

  1. I completely agree! I think that these companies need to focus on making real new products rather than updating or recycling old ideas. My printer does not need Twitter or Facebook and I do not need a new host of Facebook apps on my phone. Its frustrating because things these companies have the notion that we are all children who need a pat on the head and spoon fed their product instead of making a new interesting and innovative thing that could change our lives.

  2. I completely agree with this.. While yes, it’s kind of cool that technology could be so advanced that a printer can actually have Facebook on it, do we actually need that? I know I personally rely on the internet and technology entirely too much, but I think that is taking it to a whole different level.

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