People Who Don’t Update Grind My Gears


Being such a geek and a nerd, I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to technology.  Especially when it comes to how people interact with it.  I understand that not everyone can be as tech-savy as I am but there are a few things that are pretty simple that everyone should do.

Nothing pisses me off more in theworld than when I see an iPhone with 50+ updates on it.  Like what the hell?!?!?!? Developers word hard to update their apps and you can’t take 10 seconds out of your day to update it?  And it isn’t really about the developers, it’s just about people being lazy.  I have a friend that comes to me probably every week because she is having problems with her iPhone.  And every week I tell her the same thing… It’s because you don’t update it.  It is so mind boggling to me that she can’t get that through her thick skull.  Like seriously, Apple is on iOS 6.1.3 right now for their software, and this girl is on friggin iOS 4.0.1.  Like don’t complain tome that your phone doesn’t work when you are honestly two whole years of updates behind.

Even more so is app updates.  Something that doesn’t even take 15 seconds out of your day, and you’re too damn lazy to just press the update button.  I’ve heard thousands of excuses ranging from I liked the way the app worked already, to it takes too much time and doesn’t do anything.  Like are you kidding me?!?!?!?!  If it didn’t do anything developers wouldn’t work so hard to push them out.  Updates make things better, fix bugs,and add new features, and you would have to be an idiot to think that they don’t.  Seriously don’t complain that your apps and your phone isn’t working if you don’t update anything, you have no right.

In the end it’s pretty simple, just update your apps.  There is no downfall to doing it.  If there is a bug with the update, it’s usually fixed within the day anyway.  It’s honestly just ridiculous if you don’t do it.  And if you don’t update, please don’t come crying to me.


4 thoughts on “People Who Don’t Update Grind My Gears

  1. every time I go to update my apps it tells me there Isn’t enough space to .. but all the apps are on my phone already? Do I have to delete stuff ??

    • Yeah delete a few pictures or maybe some apps you don’t use anymore. What happens is the app needs space to download before it can replace the old version of the app on the phone already

  2. I have this issue but with Facebook. I am very obsessed with trying to keep all those numbers that pop up all over the place from ever adding up. Unfortunately, since they updated I have had to give up completely because my group sidebar always reads about (20+) no matter what I do. Still, I can remember when Facebook was easy to navigate and I would be browsing on my friend’s computer and see about 20 invites, nearly 50 or more game requests, a host of messages, comments, notifications, and all those annoying numbers just scattered throughout his page, It drove me nuts because the average person knows to check these things. One click away and bam its all done. How hard is that to figure out.

  3. I am probably the epitome of your pet peeve. I never ever ever update my iPhone or apps. Just right now, I have 7 app updates. But I suppose the difference is, I never ever ever complain about my apps or phone either so there’s no need for you to worry. My explanation is this: I’m not a big tech person; I like to use my smartphone but I definitely don’t push the limits and use it for everything its worth–apps included. I don’t download apps very often and when I do I hardly think to update them considering I only frequently use about 5 of them. The updates are usually minuscule glitches being fixed that don’t bother me anyway. For someone that uses their phone for its immense possibilities I see every reason to update their devices often, however for people like me that don’t use technology that way I don’t see any burning need to update anything right away.

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