No more tan-a-holics in New Jersey?


Tan mom, Patricia Krentcil, and her daughter.

Governor Chris Christie signs a bill that prohibits kids under the age of 17 from using tanning salons, as well as those under the age of 14 from getting a spray tan. However, with parents consent during the first visit, one is able to partake in such health risk. As I have been a frequent member to my local tanning salon, I can tell you that this business will most likely not suffer due to such regulation. When I was under the age of 17, the tanning salon in close proximity to my residence required us to have a parents signature before using their equipment. Most of the time, kids forged their parents signature since parents are (typically) opposed to this industry due to the risks it causes amongst people. The tanorexic mom, Patricia Krentcil, was certainly not opposed to this. We near the one year anniversary when this infamous mom was charged with child endangerment for allowing her daughter to come into the tanning bed with her. She suffered severe burns that caught the attention of her school nurse who later contacted local authorities. This story has made headlines on a nation level. In response, Gov. Chris Christie made it his responsibility to drive force behind this bill that would prohibit young people from such danger. Studies indicate individuals who partake in tanning before age 35 have a 75% risk of melanoma. Though this legislation will imply to salons in six months, do you think this industry will take a hit? Some predict this will cause many salons to lay employers off, however, I disagree for the same reason I previously stated: a similar regulation was practiced by many salons and they continued to be successful. To all you tan-a-holics out there, beware of dangers you are inflicting upon yourself!

2 thoughts on “No more tan-a-holics in New Jersey?

  1. As pale as I am, and as much as I would love to have a tan in the Winter months, I refuse to get any kind of tan other than a natural one from the sun. Despite the health risks involved with laying out in the sun, or just getting a tan from being in the sun during the Summer months, I’m more wary about the health risks that result from tanning beds…it’s just not natural. I don’t know much about spray tans, but I do know that I would never allow my child to get a spray tan or lay in a tanning bed. Kids do not need to be tan–they’re just kids. Parents shouldn’t be putting their children in that sort of danger, or giving them the idea that having an “attractive” appearance is worth the danger.

  2. Although I am guilty of using an indoor tanning facility, I could not agree with you more. My parents were definitely opposed to me using such equipment when I was underage, however, I took it upon myself and forged their signature. I am by no means condoning what I did, I am simply stating this because it is that easy for underage kids to use such equipment. Yes, everyone is aware of the risks they’re taking when agreeing to the terms and conditions of a tanning salon, but the long term effect isn’t effecting them until later on in life. Therefore, many people don’t care. No one should be put in such danger for the sole purpose of bettering their appearance. Like you said, parents should NOT encourage their kids to partake in such harmful activity. On a side note, I have stopped going tanning and constantly remind those who do to think about what they’re doing to themselves

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