Education and Technology


Technology is moving at a faster pace than ever, this of course comes at no surprise to anyone.  Education is the means by which we teach the upcoming generation by means of instructing them with information and skills that they need to survive and be successful in the world.  So why are the tools we are using to teach the next generation so archaic.  Books that were published before we were in kindergarden, computers released when we were in middle school.  We wouldn’t use these tools ourselves, so why are we attempting to educate our kids with them?  It’s just incredibly insufficient, and unacceptable.

There have been hundreds of studies done in school that all show the same thing.  When you give a kindergardener a textbook, or an iPad, which one will they be more likely to use?  Every single time the child will pick an iPad.  iPad are easy to work and incredibly intuitive and young kids just know how to work them better than say reading a textbook.

Textbooks are boring, hell, I don’t even wanna read a textbook.  Almost 90% of the time for a class I’m not going to read the textbook unless I can find it online.  Even mores, students want to be immersed in their content and not have it shoved in their face.  Any young students would rather play a mapping game on an iPad than look at a picture of a map in a textbook.

Now it sounds like I am just promoting the iPad in education but that is not the case, the iPad is just the easiest to talk about since currently it is the pinnacle of technology in education.  Schools all over the nation are moving to iPads in the classroom to do away with textbooks and computers.  Every student gets an iPad that has apps and textbooks preloaded onto it.  The students at these schools are performing better on tests because they are excited about learning and doing it in a fun way.  Sometimes they are playing games without even knowing that they are learning.

The sad thing is though that although we are making strides, the vast majority of schools still do not support technology like this.  They still use the outdated, archaic way of teaching and kids are just going though the motions without ever knowing what they are doing or learning.

Now funding is a whole other game in schools and one that I will not discuss in this post, but most districts don’t even think of iPads, they just think how they are going to have the couple thousand dollars for new textbooks, instead of a couple thousand dollars for iPads that will constantly be updated and provide kids with a more effective way of instruction.  In the future we have to push for this for our kids so they can have the best education opportunities possible.

One thought on “Education and Technology

  1. My mom is actually a preschool teacher for special education and mostly everyday iPads are brought in for every student for an allotted amount of time. But it all depends on the school system’s budget because a lot of schools can barely afford desk top computers, never mind brand new iMacs and iPads. I agree though, I definitely think its a good development especially in our day and age where technology is become more and more advanced day by day. It’s kinda crazy to think that a preschooler knows how to work an ipad better than I do though!

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