The Love for A Pet!


So I was sitting here thinking of what I wanted to blog about, and my cat decided to lay across my keyboard.  So I have decided to make this post about my pets.  These animals have a special place in my heart.  I think it’s funny how these animals can become such a part of your family.  I have 4 dogs and 2 cats and they are my world!  The best thing is when you come home from being out for just 5 minutes and they greet me like if I was gone for years.  Your pets are so dependent on you that they give you their unconditional love and put their complete trust in you.


ImageI have a teacup Yorkie named Cody, a Pomeranian-Yorkie mix named Mac, an English Bulldog named Moosh, a mutt (not sure what breeds he is) named Charlie, a Tuxedo Cat named Puno, and my gray striped cat named Sheldon.  We got Sheldon as a kitten and Cody as a puppy so they have been with us their whole lives, but the other were either rescued or given to us by family friends.  No matter when they came into our lives and no matter how old they were they have all become family, and I love them with all my heart.  Since I was little I have always had a pet. I love the little things my pets do cause they always make me laugh.  My dog Cody is possibly the most confused dog.  He likes to sit in windows just like my cats and play with laser pointers too! My cat Sheldon is so friendly that if you sit on my couch he wants to lay right on top of you.  He also like to jump on your back when you’re bent over and lay on top of you.



The love I have for these animals and the love they have for me is unexplainable.  They are my world and I am theres. Seeing them grow and change and just love life is the best experience I’ve    had.  Anyone with a pet knows the feelings I am describing and how wonderful it really is.


One thought on “The Love for A Pet!

  1. I feel the same way about my 2 cats 🙂 one of them, Fluffer, we rescued from a shelter, and the other one, Bogey, was rescued from a golf course in the winter. There’s an unexplainable bond that an owner has with their animals. I can’t wait to move out and fulfill my dream of getting my own Black Lab puppy!!!

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