This is something i’ve been working on for a few days now. One day last week the sky’s pattern and arrangement of clouds was astonishing. I sat for about an hour watching the million formations the clouds made as they moved about the sky. This is what I came up with:

Clouded purple waves streaming down from the sky. Wrapped up in a paradise you flaunt but your sun shines. Shines right through like a star seen through clouds. Fluffy a velvet rose. Touch so soft aurora so sweet. Like a plane guided only once until our lips meet. Cotton ball clouds tinted my baby blue. Dark clouds hover, the suffocation thas falling over you. Looked up to the sky and realized with real eyes I see right through your real lies. Clouded my vision was, all because it wasn’t what I thought it was. So now I sit here and try and grasp this feeling I thought was love. How clouded my vision was. Blinded by clouded purple waves I got lost in your sea. Wiped my eyes dry from the waves that streamed down my cheek.

Clouded sea, often I wonder why there’s a dark cloud always shadowed over me. Clouded sea, misted sky, wonder if you’re a blessing or something hidden in disguise. Ever so often the sun beams through, that’s when I get a glimpse of light. This light I think is you. Shine bright through the darkness, mounted through the clouds I see. Then again there’s the lingering dark cloud like a storm ready to hit, still here above me and I don’t think its gonna miss. As my world darkens all I could think about was you, all clouded up no more of my baby blue.

Clouded sea, even sometimes the moon pokes through. Midnight skies turned gloomed once was my baby blue. Sky so dimmed and royally tinted purple. Waves does the sky and for once blurred out what turned my heart this cold purple. Black skies came in and stole me, a thief in disguise. Left with nothing but a chance to compromise so, pretty clouded sea first bruised now battered. Falling down from the sky like a cloud that had been shattered.

It’s still not finished. I’m just waiting for more inspiration from the amazing clouds, then I shall break out my pen and let my words fly.


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