The Death of Facebook?

I don’t want to think about it, actually. I don’t want Facebook to die. I’ve used it for ages. It’s helped me come out of my shell that I had and has given me the ability to talk to people outside of school without profoundly asking for their phone number (which was a big deal for me in Middle/High School and still is a quantitative one in some aspect, I mean, it’s much easier to add someone on Facebook than to ask for their number and it’s much easier to chat them on Facebook than to talk to them over the phone or even text them.)

But I see less people using it. I see people getting angry over minor things such as the timeline, which I actually find cool. I like the timeline. I like having a cover photo and I like fitting more posts onto the screen than I could have been to before. I like knowing whether or not someone saw my message so I can create a more educated hypothesis as to whether or not someone is deliberately trying to ignore me. There are a lot of these little things that everyone is just so aggravated about! CISPA was a decent reason to get mad at Facebook, but all of the other things really aren’t, in my opinion. You don’t like the fact that people can now see whether or not you saw their message? You’re probably one of those assholes who deliberately ignores people. Even if you’re not deliberately ignoring them, just because you don’t think into these kinds of things doesn’t mean that nobody else does.

My two best friends are still in high school. They don’t go on Facebook as much as they used to and I don’t really talk to them as much as I used to, I don’t think. At least when I’m in college. Now to be fair, I could just not be talking to them as much because I’m in college and I have different schedules than they do. My one friend has been sending me messages every so often at around 8:00pm, which usually isn’t the greatest time. I’m either doing work, doing some kind of activity, or taking a break from doing work and hanging out with college friends. The only reason he even goes on Facebook is to talk to his friends. And in a certain sense, I only do too. I just go on more often than they do because I suppose I feel the need to talk to people more than they do.

But I never got into Tumblr. I can’t really talk to my friends through Tumblr, all I can do is share pictures and maybe comment on things. Once Facebook came out I switched to that from MySpace because I liked the chat feature. I know that there was some kind of chat feature on Myspace, but it was very difficult to obtain for some reason. Facebook in itself is boring, essentially. All it is are humorous pictures shared by pages that I “like” and posts made by friends, along with some other things. Words With Friends, etc. But it’s not really a “game”. When I hang out with my friends, if Facebook is involved, it’s usually to prank/troll other people or view things that other people had put up, not to browse through the news feed and analyze it. That’s just a biproduct of distraction/waiting for a friend come onto chat or respond to something you said on a post.

Now my two best friends? I initially asked them to hang out for the first time over Facebook. Our friendships were further enhanced by talking to each other outside of school via that. They may not go on Facebook that much anymore, but I do usually see them when I come back from college and I do still talk to them over the phone. But I feel as if Facebook were to go away, I wouldn’t be able to make any new friends like that. College has been a different experience because I am able to see my friends any odd hour of the day without having to talk to them on Facebook, but this is because they live in my dorm. What if I wanted to be friends with someone outside of my dorm, or what if I had a prospective girlfriend who didn’t live in the dorm? I would feel nervous as shit asking her for her phone number before I got to know her a little bit better first and so I probably wouldn’t do so. I’d feel more comfortable in just finding out what her name was and finding her on Facebook. What happens after college?? Facebook is a crucial website of interaction for people like myself. Some people, such as my brother, can do without. But I would feel disconnected and distant from the world like I did before Facebook. It had better stay or if it does get replaced, if had better get replaced with something else that serves the same fundamental purposes.


One thought on “The Death of Facebook?

  1. I agree with you in the sense that Facebook is changing but I don’t think the death of it is in near site. I rarely post anything on my Facebook, however, I do check it a lot. Could I live without it? Absolutely. However, in a sense, I feel connected to people that I don’t orally speak with anymore by their posts, pictures, etc. This is a prominent feature that Facebook offers that I feel makes the social networking site so successful. Of course, everyone is guilty of using Facebook for “creeping” on others. But it is so much more than that. It is a place to stay connected with people you have encountered in your life that you may never see again. You did a great job touching on important aspects of the site!

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